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The University of XXXX is my first choice for graduate study towards the Master of Public Health degree with a focus on Epidemiology for a variety of reasons. In addition to the location, I am excited by the sheer excellence of your program and vast resources devoted to public health investigations. The city of Los Angeles is well known for its cultural and educational diversity and I think I will be very comfortable studying and working there. I especially look forward to studying under Dr. XXXX who serves as a consultant for the WHO and a world-renowned expert on disease control. His past experience working in a Schistosomiasis Control Program and as a barefoot doctor during the 1970s in China truly inspired me on a personal level. Moreover, his research expertise in substance abuse, cancer epidemiology, and environmental diseases, and especially grave challenges facing China, which I seek to contribute to resolving through creative thinking and scientific advancement, building upon the work of leaders in our field, such as Dr. XXXX.

My interest in stepping into the field of public health, specifically epidemiology is closely related to growing up in a small town in China where quality health care was far away and non-affordable for the ordinary person. I had seen many of my own loved ones suffer from avoidable and treatable conditions throughout the years, and this made a big impression on me. While the wealthy have access to the best care in top hospitals with foreign doctors, the common people are relegated to overcrowded clinics lacking almost everything. The cut back of government funding for primary care systems has also led to the lack of access to preventative health services and education for the majority of people. Inspired as a witness of the maladies that resulted in my own family from chronic diseases and substance abuse, I want to work very hard in the fight to curb many health crises and inequalities in China and to bring equal access to healthcare for everyone. After finishing my degree at UXXX, I plan to return to China eventually and put the knowledge and skills that I have gained in this program to very good use. I intend to focus, in particular, on those residents of underdeveloped areas where there is the lowest level of public health education and access to care, areas of the country similar to where I came from.

I envision spending the balance of my professional life fully connected with the academic world through teaching and research. Working in universities allows me to continue the health education that I have always been passionate about. Since public health is still a slow-growing subject in China. I especially look forward to passing on the torch to new generations of the public health sector, training the decision-makers of the future. I also keenly look forward to lifelong learning and research, always laboring to enhance our understanding of the determinants of chronic and infectious diseases across populations and how to intervene most effectively to reduce morbidity and mortality.

I hope to have a close relationship throughout my working years with the local government, collaborating on healthcare reform projects. Our goal is to eventually provide adequate health care services to everyone in China, building trust in institutions in which the people have lost confidence for some time now. By working in the field of epidemiology, I can bring my extensive experience to bear on the situation and contribute to making healthcare more accessible to those who are most vulnerable. I plan to pay special attention to families and the mental and physical well-being of children, working so that they can grow, develop, and prosper in a home free of disease and substance abuse. I want to help people to successfully reform the current health care system from the grass roots up, and to have a voice in health care policy, and attain the level of care that befits an industrialized country in the 21st century, especially one dedicated to the ideals of equality opportunity for all, placing the good of the community above that of individuals.

My experiences growing up with many relatives suffering from preventable, chronic disease set me on course for a career in public health. I feel strongly that my humble background in China provides me with special abilities to understand the needs of those who have similar experiences to my own and that of my parents. Although I have been struggled and confused facing the new lifestyle and college academics during my early years as an international student, I now have realized my true goals in life by getting my academic life back on track and actively participating in the work I passionate about. During the undergraduate study my favorite courses have always revolved around human life and well-being. I have also volunteered in both the US and China, and I have learned much through serving in multidisciplinary healthcare settings in both countries. I have also participated in a variety of on-campus activities such as student non-profit organizations where we held fund raising events for children in undeveloped countries, for example, with the money used to help cover the costs of surgeries.

The experience of volunteerism and servant leadership has ingrained in me a heartfelt compassion for helping people in need, and an adamant dedication to the field of public health and epidemiology, making fundamental, significant changes to the current health situation within my life time. Having earned my Bachelor of Science in physiology at the University of XXXX this past June 2018, I am anxious to begin graduate school and throw myself back into my studies 24/7, fully embracing the rigors of the program. I greatly appreciate consideration of my application to master’s degree program in public health at UXXX.

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