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Real Estate Master´s Personal Purpose Statement, Asian

Updated: Apr 4

I earned a Labor Economics and Industrial Relations Certificate at Ankara University in Turkey in 2013. I then earned an MBA at the California University of Management in Washington, DC. I hope to be accepted to the master's degree in real estate Program at XXXX. to prepare for my future in real estate development. I hope to contribute to the diversity of your program in Real Estate at XXXX University as an applicant who was born and raised in Mongolia until the age of sixteen, completing high school and my undergraduate university studies in Turkey. I have dedicated myself to studying this vast region of the world my entire life, spending three months in Russia and another three months living and learning in Kazakhstan. I have achieved fluency in Mongolian, Kazakh, Turkish, English, and to a lesser extent, Russian. Now living in Washington DC, my MBA complete, I am pursuing my central professional passion: global real estate. It would be a privilege and profound opportunity for me to study at XXXX under such distinguished professors as XXXX and XXXX.

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Real Estate Master Degree Statement of Purpose

My father was a builder with his own construction company, and I began working with him incredibly young, building houses: he taught me the art of construction and project management. I have always been inspired by his hard work and vast knowledge based on experience. He is a significant source of inspiration for my career choice. I am also most grateful for the opportunity to have completed two different internships with different companies in Turkey; these positions helped me acquire a great deal of insight into the investment side of property development. In 2011 working for an investment fund as part of a team doing market research and analysis of property development helped set me on the course for making Real Estate the center of my professional world. The more I learned about the complexities involved in property investment decisions, the more I became devoted to this area of inquiry.

Nothing excites me as much as increasing my awareness of the financial risk factors associated with property development. My work with the investment fund also helped me better understand the big picture, the larger environment in which property companies operate, and the international marketplace, especially concerning real estate. I valued the opportunity that these degrees gave me to delve deeply into the fields of management, finance, marketing, and corporate strategy and give me rigorous training in vital numerical skills such as financial mathematics and the application of game theory. I particularly enjoyed the international aspects of the course, which allowed me to understand business from a comparative and global perspective, which I regard as vital, especially given my interest in real estate.

Everything I have done as an undergraduate and graduate student so far, and in my professional endeavors, has been relevant to and supports my intense motivation to build a successful career in Real Estate. My current position is Sales Manager of a successful property company in Washington DC, serving some of the most exclusive residential areas of the nation’s capital. I see my responsibility for maintaining the firm’s property database as a unique experience that will help me hit the ground running and excel in your program at XXXX. I am also most grateful that I have been developing an increasingly advanced understanding of the Washington DC property market, particularly risks, and opportunities that are unique to the area. I have also had the chance to be involved with business analysis and learn the ropes of property management.

I could not be more focused on my pursuit of a career in international property investment, beginning with the entire immersion experience possible in the theoretical and practical aspects of financial, economic, legal, and management issues associated with real estate development, ranging from portfolio risk management and valuation techniques through debt finance and international property law. I see successful investment in property as grounded in a unique set of factors, all of which must be understood by the investor to succeed in achieving the returns they seek. Therefore, successfully investing in property requires a unique skill set explicitly tailored to ‘real estate investment.' I look forward to a complete immersion in real estate investment, how it has developed compared to other forms of investment, h to economic crises and recovery, and how global investment patterns have evolved.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
Real Estate Master's Degree Statement of Purpose

I have always applied the best of my talents to my school and university studies and have enjoyed the rewards of doing so. As a graduate student, I have increasingly gravitated towards Real Estate, beginning with my graduate studies in Economics, where I completed an extensive case-study project examining residential development as an investment opportunity. I was fascinated by the factors that needed to be considered when making a real estate investment decision. I thoroughly enjoyed the research, forecasting, and analysis that went into the project.

Other work placements have given me broad exposure to the business and financial sectors, equipping me with management and analytical skills that I believe will be essential for a career in real estate. In 2014, I worked for a large business services company in Fairfax, Virginia, responsible for managing client relationships and projects. This post gave me experience managing the conflicting demands of different clients and required me to develop excellent communication skills to help facilitate productive business relationships. In 2016, I completed an internship at a distribution company for kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities based in Fairfax, Virginia, in the marketing side of the business, where my negotiation skills were honed through working with potential promotional partners. I have built a strong work ethic and take pride in my analytical skills and ability to work under pressure, based on my desire to succeed in an international business environment. Over time, I look forward to continuing to develop expertise in property valuation, serving as a global property consultant or self-employed property investor.

Thank you for considering my application to Real Estate at XXXX.

Real Estate Master´s Personal Purpose Statement, Asian


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