Master’s Computer Science, Modelling, Applicant from China

I come from a long line of teachers and was raised to believe that acquiring and sharing knowledge is an excellent way in which to affect the world for the better and I seek to become equipped to do so. My love for, and ability in, mathematics and science became evident early in my life and has developed over time into a passion. I now hope to begin the next stage in my academic and life journey by joining the program and acquiring higher skills and knowledge, and research experience to enable me, ultimately, to pursue a Ph.D. and become a first-class researcher and teacher and so make a beneficial difference in the lives of many.

I have undertaken much research into the various programs available to someone with my specific interests, skills and goals and I regard your own as by far the best fit, mainly because of your institution’s very high reputation for the quality of the teaching and research. You also work in the areas that are of most interest to me, specifically that relating to the interface between statistical physics and computer science which closely matches my own special area of interest and is the one in which I believe that I can make a useful contribution. Computer modelling which reduces the need for physical experimentation is, I believe, the key to many future advances at comparatively low cost and I hope to be one of those making and enabling future advances in this vitally important area. I am familiar with the work of Professor Kristina Davitt and am keen to study under the guidance of teachers of such high repute and ability and of working with students who share my own passion. I am also very attracted to studying in a country which is so geographically varied and beautiful and has such an impressive and interesting history, culture and record of scientific achievement. My interests include art and literature, and France has contributed among the finest examples of both to the world.

During my undergraduate studies the emphasis was placed upon the practical and so I acquired highly useful research experience, and of working in experimental groups, in both computer science and physics projects. I am an excellent programmer and am familiar with a wide range of languages. Unaided, I developed a specific algorithm to classify structures during my undergraduate studies. My GPA score, student ranking and the award of a scholarship and prizes for my work will provide an indication of my considerable potential which I am determined to fulfil.

I believe that I possess the basic characteristics of an excellent researcher such as the ability to think creatively and originally, determination, high-level communication skills and the willingness to collaborate effectively together with others to achieve a common goal and look forward to developing these further in the program.

To summarise: I have proven ability in several areas which are contained in the curriculum; I have an academic background that includes significant research and practical engagement and I have an excellent record of achievement in my studies and experimental work. I can assure the reader that I shall apply myself with my customary diligence and enthusiasm in order to excel rather than merely succeed, in order to achieve my own goals and to add, as far as I am able, to the lustre of the institution’s reputation.

Thank you for considering my application.

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