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MA Chinese Studies, Teacher Training, Volunteer, Experience in China

Updated: Jan 23

For years now, I have been a tutor and a teacher, and I have come to love what I do very much. My involvement in the educational system began at 22 when I decided to become a volunteer for a local Italian non-profit organization promoting integration. My central privileges and responsibilities involved helping foreign middle school pupils integrate into the Italian school system by assisting them in learning the Italian language, completing their homework, and preparing for assessments.

I want to teach languages because it is in this area in which I excel. After graduating high school in 2010, I spent a gap year in Spain and the United Kingdom and went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in European Languages and Cultures at my local Italian university. During my undergraduate studies, I also had the chance to spend two semesters abroad, one in Turkey and another in China.

Everything about my experience in China stole my heart, so I continued my studies with a Master’s Degree in Chinese Studies at XXXX University. The challenges I encountered studying at the graduate level in the United Kingdom helped me enhance my time management skills and become more comfortable working under pressure. The main focus of the course, Chinese language (60 ECTS), and the multiple elective courses I chose to take in the School of Language Sciences broadened my knowledge. It enriched my passion for second language acquisition and teaching. As a final requirement for the Master’s Degree, I decided to write a dissertation on Corrective Feedback in the Chinese Language Classroom at University Level, which was well received. After earning my Master’s in Scotland, thanks to a scholarship offer from the Confucius Institute of China, I moved to Kunming, where I continued to improve my Chinese language competency at XXXX University.

Increasingly, I think and act globally, and more and more, I find it hard not to spend much of my time traveling. I am drawn to the Developing World, where I plan to be teaching during my summer breaks. I like to think of myself as someone who transmits and experiences the empowerment of education. Curiosity, adventure, and never-ending learning to better understand – everything coupled with respect - are my guiding lights in cultivating and appreciating intercultural discourse. During my stay in China, I taught beginner to intermediate French classes extensively and came to enjoy the rewards of teaching. I have learned to create a positive learning environment, tailor my lessons based on the students’ first language and proficiency, and consider individual differences as much as possible. These teaching opportunities have also taught me about a teacher's many challenges. During my teacher training, I hope to create incredible advancements in developing my classroom management skills.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished teacher training program.

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