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Letter of Recommendation for Medical Fellowship, LOR from Hospital Director

Updated: Apr 8

To Whom It May Concern,

It is a profound pleasure for me to recommend my colleague, Kelly Carney, MD, for a fellowship position in Neonatology. My name is XXXX, MD, and I serve as the director of the NICU at XXXX General Hospital. Dr. XXXX is one of the most accomplished physicians I have had the privilege of working alongside in our Neonatal ICU unit. A distinguished pediatric hospitalist, XXXX’s grasp of neonatal issues is unsurpassed, equaled only by her dedication to saving the lives of our infants, one by one, while she gears up for a long professional life dedicated to research in neonatal medicine and related NICU issues and procedures.

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LOR, Letter of Recommendation for Fellowship in Neonatal Medicine

I worked alongside XXXX for 3.5 years, from December 2014 through April 2017. Throughout our time together, XXXX cared for mostly full-term newborns while I oversaw those born premature or ill. We frequently collaborated on care plans, and she consulted with me often. Kelly is a mother of young children and has learned a great deal about motherhood from this experience and the health challenges that babies confront while still in and out of the womb, carefully studying her own motherhood experience with wonder and scientific curiosity working in tandem. I could not feel more strongly that Dr. Carney has much to give to a neonatal fellowship program since her extensive and recent experience will enable, empower, and inspire her to contribute to research as well as practice.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
Letter of Recommendation for Medical Fellowship

Dr. XXXX could not be more committed to the lifelong pursuit of her career in Neonatal Medicine. She has an outstanding depth of knowledge in this area, already accompanied by extensive hands-on experience. Easygoing, flexible, and always approachable, she is a Master of Communication with patients, and her elegant and compassionate bedside manner is a pleasure to observe. Our specialty will significantly benefit from the intensity of her devotion and energy, and those who have the joy in the future to work alongside XXXX will find it an immense pleasure, just as I have.


Letter of Recommendation for Medical Fellowship


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