LOR Anesthesiology Residency, Letter of Recommendation from Department Chair

Updated: Feb 9

To Whom It May Concern,

As the Director of Anesthesiology at our community hospital, XXXX Hospital, in XXXX, Japan, I have had the privilege of getting to know Dr. XXXX on a professional level since we are colleagues and have participated in professional activities and shared many of our common interests with respect to our ongoing research interests.

I have had the opportunity to observe Dr. XXXX and the way that he manages his operating room and it is truly impressive. He works very hard and has an enormous amount of positive energy that is invective on his team. He never loses his calm sense of patient focus, even in the face of especially difficult cases with multiple co-morbidities.

Dr. XXXX is a very quick learner and he clearly stays abreast of all developments in his field, helping the rest of us to stay up as well as a result of the learning sessions that he organizes. I profoundly admire the great effort that he puts into the task at hand and his vast dedication to clinical practice.

Dr. XXXX was highly recommended to us by a German Full Professor in our Cardiothoracic Department and a supervisor in our hospital. He was hoping to entice XXXX to accept a position as a clinical associate at the Heart and Diabetes Center NRW, in XXXX, Germany. While XXXX went to Germany and completed an observership, his heart is very much set on going to America and completing a residency in anesthesiology. I am certain that he will prove to be an enormous asset to the program which he will join.


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