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Internal Medicine Residency Personal Statement, Endocrinology, Diabetes

Updated: Jan 17

I was born, raised, studied, and qualified in India and have been in the US since May 2010, gaining clinical experience. I am especially interested in Internal Medicine and seek to complete a residency in that specialty to return to India to open a hospital offering high-quality but low-cost care to disadvantaged communities.

I was fortunate to be born into a prosperous family with a doctor's father who was dedicated to his patients and has been an inspirational figure throughout my life. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a doctor, too, and I have never wavered in this decision; I have always considered medicine to be much more a vocation than a mere career choice. I excelled in my studies and was awarded the MBBS degree with high marks this year, and I have published research. I stand at the outset of my medical career with high hopes of doing as much good in the world as possible by acquiring and applying advanced medical skills and knowledge.

I can realize my goals by specializing in Internal Medicine and being exposed to the most advanced techniques and equipment. I want to be at the ‘front line,’ in direct contact with various patients and conditions. I am particularly interested in the diagnosis and diagnostic techniques I know I can develop in this specialty. I understand that a suitable ‘bedside manner’ is vital in Internal Medicine, and I have this skill and wish to develop it further. I have also become aware in my career to date of the importance of non-verbal communication when dealing with distressed or anxious patients. I hope to develop my facility for interpreting and reacting appropriately to such signals.

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Internal Medicine Residency, IMG Personal Statement

I hope to undertake research in Endocrinology, especially Diabetes and Critical Care. My career dream would be to discover the definitive treatment for Diabetes. I also hope to be involved in teaching in the future; I am a qualified ACLS trainer. I received excellent feedback from my trainees and consider that I have some talent for passing on knowledge and thoroughly enjoy doing so.

My very first patient died. All the theory and training did not prepare me to witness the death of a 12-year-old boy, the cherished son of poor peasant parents who reacted with visceral distress to his loss. It was an excellent lesson for me. If I had ever been tempted to regard patients as mere ‘bundles of symptoms, this event cured me of the idea. I know that each patient is an individual worthy of my respect and consideration.

I have undertaken volunteer work amongst low-income school pupils and their families in Vijayawada, India, where I completed a study of the nutritional status of the children. I provided them and their families with basic information about hygiene and how to retain and enhance nutrients when cooking food. This was an enriching and moving experience and one that, I am confident, has provided substantial benefits for the families. I presented a paper on this work, for which I was awarded second place in a national competition. While studying, I was also heavily involved in organizing and participating in numerous medical-related extracurricular activities to broaden and deepen my knowledge and enable my fellow students to do so.

I am fully aware of the need for cultural awareness and sensitivity in healthcare provision. I now have some experience in the medical environment in the US and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, interacting with people of many diverse social and cultural backgrounds.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
Personal Statement IMG, Internal Medicine Residency, Endocrinology, Diabetes

Internal Medicine is my first love. While there will be many other well-qualified applicants for residency programs, I consider myself an exceptional candidate. I have obtained high marks in my MBBS degree and have been awarded significant honors for academic excellence and specialist studies. The extent and breadth of my extracurricular activities indicate my willingness to ‘go that extra mile' to do whatever I can for my patients. I also believe that, because of my skills and interests, I have the potential to become an excellent Internist. I ask for a chance to give my all.

Internal Medicine Residency Personal Statement


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