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IM Residency USA, Indian Doctor, COVID-19 and Internal Medicine

Updated: Jan 25

A young doctor from India, medicine has long been my dream, where my heart is and where I find my greatest joy. I sincerely hope to be selected for a residency program in Internal Medicine to gain international experience and have the opportunity to study medicine as it is practiced on the cutting-edge in the West. I thrive on diversity and cultivate compassion, vitality, accountability, and a rational, evidence-based approach to all medical issues. I want to be remembered as a hard worker and someone who gave his all unconditionally, hungry for long hours on his feet.

I have already made several lengthy visits to the USA in preparation for my application to residency programs, completing all three USMLE exams and three observerships in Internal Medicine and its subspecialties at university-affiliated and community hospitals. I had a chance to interact with and understand Americans from different ethnic, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds. I firmly believe that my compassion, vitality, accountability, and highly rational approach to all issues will help me to excel as a resident in the IM program. Resilient, I am eager for long hours. As a student in medical school, I lost my father unexpectedly, and not long after this loss, India was especially hard-hit by the COVID -19 pandemic. I have investigated what we know about the novel coronavirus and I look forward to distinguishing myself in this area also.

I take pride in being a great team player. Having been raised with minimal resources, I am practiced at using what is available. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I felt privileged to serve as part of a medical team providing care and psychological support to people infected with the coronavirus. I also help several older adults in my neighborhood, delivering medical services to their homes. Practiced at interacting with and understanding people of many different backgrounds and most enthusiastic about Internal Medicine and its rewards for patients and practitioners, I hope to serve as an internist in IM shortly, following my heart and living my dream.

In the village where I was born and spent my childhood, people had to travel 20 miles for emergency or specialty care. For this reason, I have wanted to become a primary care provider since I was a child, impressed with my community's great need for medical attention. Dedicated to lifelong education in Internal Medicine, being selected for your program will set me on track for many decades to come, laboring with my all to make the entire contribution possible to Internal Medicine, the patients, the caregivers and physicians, and the profession as a whole.

Completing an IM residency in the USA will be the crowning achievement of my life and shape me into a compassionate physician. I hope to have a long and distinguished career in IM. For me, the USA is itself a learning experience. I am hungry for broad opportunities to learn medicine and become an increasingly competent and well-rounded physician. I want to put my knowledge and the advancement of my skillsets that result from completing a residency program at the service of a rural community where I do my best to treat and help those unable to pay for my services. My ultimate dream is to establish a free clinic in India later in my career.

I see Internal Medicine almost like a “jigsaw puzzle” where we put together all the signs, symptoms, and differential diagnoses and the results of investigations to form a big picture of a disease and its progression in a particular patient—growing up in a small town named Pondicherry in India, which is known in its way for having diverse cultures predominantly, Indo-French civilizations and French architecture. The area is home to 7 medical colleges. I had the great privilege to study in a renowned government-run medical school with a daily out-patient load of 300 in the internal medicine department alone. This gave us great exposure to a wide variety of various causes, and we learned how different patients with the same disease could present with diverse symptomatology.

During my fourth-year clinical rotation, a middle-aged woman presented with persistent hypotension and signs of adrenal insufficiency. Even though she had already been diagnosed with hypopituitarism, I remained curious and reviewed her file and noticed that she had suffered a venomous snake bite several years ago. I discussed this with the attending physician, who told me it was indeed a clear case of Pituitary apoplexy, which occurs in some cases of snake bite bites. He thanked me for my efforts, going that extra mile for my patient, and this incident further solidified my interest in reviewing in particular.

I thank you for your consideration of my application.

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