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Global Health Statement of Purpose Examples

XXXX University of Science and Technology's Master Program in Global Health is my first choice for graduate school for a variety of reasons. From America, I had a chance to visit XXXX earlier this year and was really inspired by its beauty and culture. XXXX is one of the leading universities in Norway and, thus, I would like very much to combine my love of Norway with my passion for Public Health. I hope to be selected as a valuable contribution to the diversity of your program, since I was born in Panama and my focus is on the public health challenges of some of the most at-risk regions and peoples of Latin America, about which I have been reading intensively for many years. It would be a special honor for me to study under Dr. XXXX, the Director of XXXX's Thematic Strategic Area of Health, Welfare and Technology since I am a devoted follower of his research on bacterial infections and antibiotics.

Sample Statement for the Master's Program in Global Health European University
Sample Statement of Purpose Examples

I have always been most inspired by the work of Dr. XXXX who was instrumental in the building of the Panama Canal by his design and implementation of measures to fight malaria. I have been especially concerned for some time about the plight of native communities and other low-income residents of Latin America - with limited access to medical care and poor sanitation.

I hope to earn my MS in Public Health in your program to be fully qualified for the rest of my professional lifetime to the struggle to contain if not eradicate disease in Latin America, particularly that which results from poor sanitation. I want to go there and teach vulnerable communities how to combat preventable disease, especially what is caused by mosquitoes. I pay close attention to re-emerging diseases such as dengue fever and Leptospirosis in Latin America and I seek to better understanding why they have returned.

Sample Statement  for the Master's Program in Global Health European University
Sample Statement of Purpose for the Master's Program in Global Health European University

I am especially thankful as a young woman that I am fully bilingual and bicultural English/Spanish as this will be invaluable to the realization of my career aspirations as a Public Health Professional. I earned my BS in Business Administration with a focus on Finance in August of2008. If I had it to do over again, I might have chosen an undergraduate major more closely related to public health issues and concerns; nevertheless, I feel strongly that an education in business has at least an indirect relevance for public health, especially in terms of human resources. I am convinced that I will excel in your MPH because nothing interests me as much as learning about and investigating disease processes, particularly as far as they relate to developing countries. I have read a broad variety of books and articles about disease processes, especially as related to the developing world; and have a great passion for helping the least fortunate among us.

Sample Statement  for the Master's Program in Global Health European University
Sample Statement of Purpose

Since reading The Hot Zone at age 9, I have daydreamed about a career in Public Health, working for the WHO or the CDC and doing research on the spread of diseases that impact the developing world.

I am a devoted student of the history of disease and how it has impacted society. My main interest in Public Health organizations lies in the preventative measures that can be used to promote and protect the health of vulnerable populations. I look forward to a long professional lifetime working with local organizations to raise awareness of the need to adopt and implement preventative health care measures.

Thank you for considering my application to your Global Public Health Program at XXXX.

Global Health Statement of Purpose Examples


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