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Brazilian Woman, JD, Juris Doctor Personal Statement Sample, Labor Law and Human Rights

Updated: 6 days ago

Born in England and raised in Brazil, I am a multicultural and multilingual Brazilian woman with a great passion for social justice. Prior to my immigration to the USA and making Miami my home, I became an attorney with special training in Labor Law and Human Rights in Brazil. I also acquired both volunteer and research experience in Labor Law. Now a US citizen, I am entering my final year of study towards the LLM Degree at the University of XXXX and have been working as a paralegal for the past several years. In addition to my native Portuguese, I am also fluent in Spanish and could not feel more at home in XXXX; particularly as a result of the fact that my 4-year-old-son is Cuban. For this reason, especially in light of its sheer excellence, the University of XXXX is my first choice to continue my studies towards the JD Degree, required by the State of Florida to sit for the Bar. Increasingly, as my career in Law progresses, I want to think and act more and more on an international level, and the respect commanded around the world by the University of XXXX Law School is best suited for the realization of my lofty ambitions.

I look forward to laboring at the service of non-profit organizations dedicated to the furthering of humanitarian causes that I embrace. For some time now, I have seen immigration law along with civil/human rights cases as the center of my career interests. It would be a special honor for me to give my all to an organization dedicated to helping immigrant victims from war zones to find asylum in a safe place where they would have an opportunity to rebuild their lives. Most recently, I have been engaging in my spare time with environmental law and I especially look forward to in-depth study in this area as a student in your JD Program at the University of XXXX.

Engaging on a variety of volunteer levels with non-profits whose work has interested me, I found one organization in particular to be especially inspiring: Women for Women International, working with women who are victims of war and other marginalized, victimized, and exploited woman, many if not most mothers with children. Watching small children being imprisoned in wire cages along our southern border, many thousands separated from their parents and hundreds lost, is something that I have found quite disturbing. I am especially keen to begin my study of Environmental Law at the University of Miami because I just watched nearly one-third of South America’s rain forest burn with little to nothing being done about it. I feel strongly that as the major US city most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, XXXX has a lot to lose as a result of greed and irresponsibility in Brazil. This brings me hope that I might be able to make especially important contributions in the area of Environmental Law as well as Human Rights, particularly by exploring the intimate ways in which they are intertwined.

I thank you for considering my application to the JD Program at the University of XXXX.

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