African Doctor, Obstetric Anesthesia Fellowship, Caribbean Medical School, Officer, Army Reserves

Born in Texas and raised in Cameroon, West Africa, until returning to the USA at the age of 16, I am pleased that I am fully African, culturally as well as linguistically. I speak French as well as English.

I trace my initial interest in Obstetrics to my concern for the fact that the number one cause of maternal mortality in West Africa is post-partum hemorrhage. Thus, one of the most important of many reasons why I hope very much to be selected for your distinguished fellowship program in Obstetric Anesthesiology, is to put my training to good use at some point in West Africa, as well as in the USA, contributing to the development of clinical strategies for the prevention and treatment of postpartum hemorrhage and enhancing my understanding of the numerous factors that contribute to maternal death in Africa.

I finished medical school at XXXX University School of Medicine in Portsmouth, Dominica, in March of 2014 and began a residency position at Boston Medical Center for my transitional year, serving mostly at the XXXX Hospital in XXXX MA -through June of 2015. My next experience was as a Resident was with the Anesthesiology Program, also at XXXX Medical Center. I finished this position as Chief Resident on June 30th of this year, 2018.

Being selected for a fellowship position in Obstetric Anesthesiology will both take advantage of the strengths that I have cultivated so far as well as prepare me for making my fullest lifetime contribution to the field of medicine in the area in which I feel the greatest calling to serve. I look forward to a long professional lifetime giving my all to the management of obstetric patients, and to building a lifetime specialty concerning the relationship between obstetrics and cardiovascular diseases (congenital heart diseases and cardiomyopathy). These diseases are major contributors to maternal mortality in the Developing World. My central long-term goal, therefore, is to make major contributions to obstetrics in the Developing World, particularly my native Africa, as well as with underserved communities here in the USA. I aspire to provide the highest level of maternal care possible and to distinguish myself down the road as a researcher distinguished by my expertise in the area of cardiovascular diseases in pregnancy. Ideally, I would someday like to become the director of an Obstetrical Anesthesia Department at an academic institution, teaching, engaging in research, practicing, and giving my all to the advancement of my profession. I am driven and take pride in the cultivation of my compassion, and I could not be more dedicated to lifelong learning.

Spending 5 years in the Army Reserves as an officer, helped me to develop my leadership skills. Finally, I have grown as a result of my volunteer work, at health fairs while a medical student and also as a volunteer with the. Salibya Mission Project, a Women’s Clinic in Dominica, performing well-woman exams, community health screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose, even attending to patients in their homes as necessary.

I thank you for considering my application.

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