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MPH Public Health Personal Statement Editing Service

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I was identified as a ‘gifted student’ while at High School and realized that many professions were open to me. I considered the many paths available to me very carefully. I knew that I wanted to help people and concluded that my abilities and potential would be best applied to medicine. I have never regretted my decision. I now seek to broaden and maximize my knowledge and skills with the aim of enhancing the health of as many people as possible.

MPH Public Health Personal Statement Service
MPH Public Health Personal Statement Editing Service Examples, Professional Help

At the age of sixteen, I was exposed to some distressing sights when visiting Kenya and Tanzania. On my return home, I researched what efforts were being made to improve healthcare provision and to increase access to healthcare in Africa. This was the first time that I became familiar with public health as a discipline and determined that I would pursue a career in this field after I qualified as a physician.

Since my interest in Public Health was first fired, I have become aware of the increasing burden of non-communicable chronic diseases in Saudi Arabia, which I consider as the biggest threat to the country’s economy and stability. I hope to apply the skills and knowledge which I will acquire through this program to establish or join a specialist research team, which would aim at finding and applying innovative ways of educating the public in adopting healthy lifestyle choices to reduce the incidence and severity of non-communicable diseases.

MPH Public Health Personal Statement  Service
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I hope that there will be an opportunity for me to assist in research in a related area of work during the program and to continue this in the long term. I hope to pursue a Ph.D. degree and I look forward to ultimately becoming a researcher and (possibly) a university teacher.

I am aware that research is a major element in improving public health. I have enjoyed the research in which I have so far been involved and believe that I possess the natural intelligence, diligence, insatiable curiosity and determination that are required to be a good researcher. I am used to applying an analytical approach to problems and adept in distinguishing relevant data from the less pertinent. I have experience in bio-medical and statistical research. As an example of the projects with which I have been involved, one was entitled ‘Surveillance Unit Reports and Application’, undertaken during my internship in XXXX Public Health in Canada.

MPH Public Health Personal Statement  Service
MPH Public Health Personal Purpose Statement Editing Service Examples

The project involved reviewing and applying a modification in order to maximize the usefulness of the reports to the different public health services operating within Hamilton. I was engaged in identifying and summarizing problems and in establishing protocols to increase the effective and efficient response to those problems. This was a very useful and successful project and I greatly enjoyed my work.

I have carefully explored the programs available to me and have concluded that MPH at XXXX University best fits my needs, and to enable me to achieve my goals. I am attracted by the highly prestigious reputation of the faculty and program. I look forward to joining a program in which fellow students will share my enthusiasm to ‘make a difference’ in significant ways and who will come from a wide variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise from which we shall be able to draw and share. I look forward to sharing the fruits of my own insights and experiences in public health. It is also, of course, very important to me that I shall benefit from the most recent research and techniques in the enhancement of public health. It is clear to me that the program will meet all these criteria.

I am aware that an appreciation of cultural differences and sensibilities is vital in this specialty. I have travelled widely and I enjoy learning about different cultures and meeting people of very different cultural and social backgrounds. I am also alive to the fact that the aging of populations in many countries will have a noticeable impact on public health priorities and the targeting of research and resources. I came from a culture in which the aged are valued for their wisdom and knowledge and enjoy interacting with the elderly.

I have been involved in many voluntary endeavors and projects starting from the age of 14. It has been important to me to supplement academic and professional studies with engagement with the wider world and especially where this involves those in need. During my medical studies, I led several programs aimed at increasing health awareness and knowledge in the communities and believe that we achieved significant benefits. I believe that these experiences are highly relevant to this application.

I know that the program will attract many highly qualified applicants. However, I genuinely regard myself as an exceptional candidate. I am an enthusiastic and experienced researcher; I have demonstrated intelligence, diligence and academic excellence in my educational and professional career to date as my attainments will testify; I have some experience of providing effective and targeted community health education; but my main strength is a passion for improving public health through acquiring higher skills and knowledge that will enable me to make significant contributions to the society in my country and elsewhere in the world. I undertake to apply myself whole-heartedly to the program and to seek to excel within it for my own benefit, that of the populations I hope to serve and to enhance the high reputation of the program and its alumni.

MPH Public Health Personal Statement Editing Service


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