Public Health Purpose Statement Samples, Bilingual, Bicultural Mexican Woman

Although born in the USA, I am a Mexican woman who spent 6 full years growing up in Mexico along with summer vacations after that. Thus, I take pride in being a fully bicultural as well as bilingual Latina and this represents an important aspect of the professional contribution that I seek to make in the future. Now that my time in the military is coming to a close after 3 years, I seek to develop and excel at a career as in Public Health, which, as I have been discovering for some time now, is where my passion lies. I hope very much to earn my Master’s Degree in Public Health at Azusa Pacific University because of the sheer excellence of your program and I feel that my interests are a good fit with the content of your curriculum. The location of APU is also ideal for me since Southern California is my home and your campus is close to where I intend to live; and also close o some of the non-profit organizations that I very much look forward to supporting in the future.

My central, long-term objective and the reason why I hope to earn the MPH Degree is the fact that I want to give the balance of my professional lifetime to the support of noble and worthy non-profit organizations active in the public health. In this way, I will enjoy the great satisfaction that comes from giving every day not only to oneself and one’s family, but also to the community as a whole. Thus, at APU, I plan to specialize in the area of Health Promotion and Education, learning from and supporting experts in public health and helping them to create effective programs that serve the needs of the community.

My passion for volunteer work has a long history, beginning at the age of 13 when I began volunteering at the St Louis of France Catholic Church, working to help the needy and I stayed there for 3 years. For the past three years, I have volunteered along with other soldiers to help feed the homeless - many of whom are vets from a variety of wars from Vietnam on. Here at Ft. Bragg, I also volunteer with TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors), helping to provide compassionate care to all those grieving the loss of a military loved one. I provide one-on-one mentoring for bereaved military children and teens through the legacy and military mentor program. I serve as a caring companion and as a reminder to the kids that the military still cares for them. I feel that our homeless citizens are an important public health issue for which all of us our ultimately morally responsible. I believe that it is our duty as a society to make a good faith attempt to provide adequate shelter for all of our residents in the community with special consideration being taken of those that have served our country. This is why I am excited about forming ties with and collaborating with Homeless Health Care Los Angeles in the future

Ultimately, I also see working to prevent all forms of child abuse as a public health issue and another organization with which I look forward to working in the future is the Child Abuse Prevention Center. I could not be more devoted to the prospect of a lifetime of service to organizations such as these, helping to offer comprehensive, action-oriented health service and education that improves the quality of life of those who are most vulnerable and most in need of our support in our community. As a public health care manager, organizer, and strategist, my main focus and responsibility will be to help such organizations run effectively and efficiently. I also look forward to continuing to volunteer with non-profit organizations devoted to public health education. My military background and the plethora of cross-training courses that I have completed will help me to be able to think critically and creatively on my feet, scrutinizing policies and processes and making important contributions. I am currently applying to complete an internship in Child Abuse Prevention in Anaheim, CA.

Growing up on Baja California and long familiar with the slums of Tijuana, where most houses are made of cardboard and plastic tarps, my world-view has been shaped my entire life by a concern for the most poor and marginalized members of our community. I now look forward to giving my all to Public Health for the balance of my professional lifetime, giving my fullest measure to this cause.

If accepted to your distinguished MPH Program at Azusa Pacific University, I would receive the optimal preparation for making my greatest contribution to my society in the area of public health. I want to help those that are vulnerable, working to ensure the basic needs of life are met even for our most humble citizens and residents. My contributions would include helping to develop, implement, manage, and evaluate programs designed to address real world challenges to the health and well-being of members of our community. No work could ever bring me greater satisfaction than being a community leader whose primary concern is always the well-being of the neediest and weakest members of our society.

I thank you for considering my application.

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