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PHD Public Health Personal Purpose in Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Jamaican

Updated: May 2

Central to my career aspirations is becoming a distinguished epidemiologist, recognized for my hard work and dedication, and making significant contributions to the field of Public Health. Since high school, I excelled in science and math; I decided to earn my bachelor's degree in applied Statistics at the University of Technology in my home country of Jamaica. As an undergraduate student, I spent most of my time analyzing research data, even assisting some Ph.D. students with analysis and the interpretation of findings. For one study that I worked on, for example, by using bivariate analyses and multivariate logistic regression techniques, we examined the extent to which selected independent variables influenced GED outcomes (Pass/Fail) in the USA. Since my graduation, I have assisted more than one hundred graduate and doctoral students with analysis for their research in more than ten countries.

Because of my work ethic, critical thinking ability, and research experience, I was also awarded a contract with the government of Jamaica to carry out data analysis on information gathered by Jamaica’s National Family Planning Board. I was hired as a Statistical Analyst and tasked with analyzing national datasets to provide a comprehensive report designed to assist the government in reviewing HIV policy and the area of sexual and reproductive public health.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
PHD Public Health, Epidemiology & Biostatistics Statement of Purpose

While completing the MPH Program at XXXX College in New York, I felt incredibly honored to be employed as a graduate and research assistant, helping not only with research projects but also assisting students with the statistics needed for their theses, everything from questionnaire design, through data collection, data entry, coding, and analysis. While helping individuals determine the proper methodology for their studies, I developed a passion for research and a keen desire to earn a Ph.D. in my chosen field, Epidemiology, using data to produce actionable results.

As a Lead Epidemiologist, I oversee the implementation of evidence-based programs to effectively combat substance use among children 9 to 20 years old; I develop surveillance systems to track substance use trends and plan and direct studies to investigate preventive methods and treatments for diseases. As a team player working with the health department, industry personnel, physicians, and others, I enjoy designing, administering, and evaluating health safety standards and programs to improve public health in Jamaica. I enjoy researching and developing methodologies, instrumentation, and procedures for assessing community health initiatives.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
Ph.D. Public Health, Epidemiology & Biostatistics Statement of Purpose

I especially hope to study at the University of XXXX in the area of Epidemiology & Biostatistics because I feel that I am the best fit for your program given my interests in health equity, HIV policy and prevention, infectious disease epidemiology, maternal and child health, violence, and addiction, with a particular focus on child health and the social determinants of health. I received a favorable response from Professor XXXX when I contacted her requesting her expertise in working with me during my Ph.D. studies; she was unable to accept but stated that she is willing to serve on the committee when I begin my dissertation process. I look forward to researching asthma and allergy symptoms in children and how these clusters vary based on socio-demographic and environmental characteristics to develop more accurately targeted interventions for handling asthma-related multi-morbidity. Upon completing my Ph.D. studies, I plan to teach and contribute to research and development in Jamaica, focusing on reducing hospitalization rates for childhood asthma. It would be a special honor to gain classroom experience as a Teaching Assistant.

Thank you for considering my application to the University of XXXX.

PHD Public Health Personal Purpose


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