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PHD Data Science Statement of Purpose, Statistics, Chinese

Updated: May 1

Now a graduate student at XXXX University, I will finish my master's degree in Statistics in May of 2021. I have been acquiring and cultivating a variety of skill sets and a knowledge base that will enable me to hit the ground running in your program, mainly because of my research experience. I am primarily engaged with and excited about Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Bayesian Time Series in a high-dimensional setting. I have been fortunate to have professors guide my research in Statistics, especially Professor XXXX in Bayesian applications, Professor XXXX in machine learning with high dimensional settings, and Professor XXXX concerning Time Series. With its rigorous and challenging curriculum, I have benefited enormously extraordinary the incredible breadth of experience and expertise of the marvelous teachers and learning environment at XXXX.

I became adept at research and analysis while earning my MBA at Drexel University, where I concentrated on finance management. There, I liberated myself from didactic methodology, learning to put my curiosity to work and trust my instincts in approaching problems: analytically with great persistence and firm commitment – consistently prioritizing teamwork. Fundamental and theoretical finance, accounting, and statistics bolstered my confidence and interest in quantitative analysis and research. I excelled in advanced courses such as my seminar in Finance, where we developed an actual business case study. I passed the Chartered Financial Analyst levels I and II exams the same year while finishing my internship in financial modeling.

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Ph.D. Data Science Statement of Purpose Writing and Editing Service, Samples

My enormous enthusiasm for quantitative analysis and data modeling blossomed after I accepted a job as a risk analyst for a mortgage insurance company, where I learned how to use advanced programming tools such as VBA, SAS, and Python. My interest in computer programing grew into professional practice. Using a proprietary risk model, I worked on risk portfolio valuation and was immersed in the database and data lake. When I read the research paper “Deep Learning for Mortgage Risk” (Sirignano, Sadhwani, and Giesecke, 2018), I was profoundly inspired by the application of deep learning, regularization, ensemble modeling, and logistic regression. I appreciate how the key to modeling is accurate data interpretation and advanced algorithms, which can only be achieved with a comprehensive understanding of statistics.

I want to fully master the most powerful and advanced technology used for data analysis and modeling, machine learning, and deep learning, putting my mathematics and computer technology abilities to work and helping advance the field of “Data Science.” I look forward to the environment of collaboration in your program. I am eager to learn as much as possible from well-respected academics on innovative theories, technologies, and applied problems. With the very high-caliber consortium of experts and resources at XXXX University, I believe I will be inspired to approach problems in new ways and develop in-depth knowledge and expertise in statistics.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
Ph.D. Data Science Statement of Purpose Examples

I will begin my doctoral work with a robust academic foundation, thanks to prior coursework and professional experience. I have honed my interpersonal and communication skills at work and laboring on team projects. I further supplemented my academic preparation for your program by taking an online Data Science and Machine Learning class using Python, R, and MATLAB. Most importantly, my five years of intense quantitative work with advanced programming tools like SAS, VBA, and Python will empower me to excel. The fourth industrial revolution will feature big data, and I believe statistics will be at its center. I have realized that my passion lies in research and academia. I am confident that this is the best time to seize this opportunity, not only because it will enable me to solve the types of long-standing challenges I encounter at work but also because I can learn to expedite the way I work and live in general.

I hope to earn a Ph.D. at XXXX to become a master's professional at the forefront of data generated across industries and disciplines, organizing information, making it sensible, and translating it into a form suitable for many specific purposes. I see myself as an ideal fit with XXXX since I am profoundly drawn to the interdisciplinary nature of your program and the immense opportunities available at XXXX for participating in innovative research endeavors.

PHD Data Science Statement of Purpose, Statistics, Chinese

Thank you sincerely for considering my application.


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