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MSW, Child Welfare, Family and Children Services

I have had the privilege to work with families and troubled youths in a variety of social or community service positions. I currently work in a branch of the Child Welfare Department which is called the ¨receiving center¨ where we receive children that have been removed from their parents due to neglect and substance abuse. This is part of a Major Bureau, the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS), with several different branches such as Emergency Response (E.R.) and Dependency Investigations (D.I.). There is also I branch called Continuum. I have had the privilege to collaborate with many mental health support providers such as clinicians, crises counselors and social workers in regard to our youths.

With an MSW Degree from XXXX State University, I would qualify for more social work positions and begin to shoulder increasing levels of responsibility in terms of supervision, caseloads, and case planning. In time, I look forward to gaining some experience and familiarity in each area, ER, DI, etc.

Extremely highly motivated and most enthusiastic about Social Work as a career field, the only thing that has kept me from applying to graduate school until now has been that I have not been in a financial position to do so. Thus, I ask to be considered for a stipend that would allow me to go back to school and have an opportunity to prove myself as a student and someone who is most dedicated to social work and looking forward to many decades to come giving my all to my field, always with a special priority focus on helping the members of needy, minority, or disenfranchised communities.

As a woman generally speaking and a Latina with respect to my own community or home base, I look forward to serving as a role model to new generations of Latinas and women who are members of minority groups where they have long tended to succeed only in token numbers at best. Today is unprecedented in its enfranchisement of women into society on almost all levels, from sports to the military and everywhere in between. Celebrating this is a big part of my professional and personal life.

Our services that protect and care for children, taking them out of one home and placing them in another, to the extent to which it is absolutely necessary to do so, are in need of well trained professionals like the woman that I hope to be once I have graduated with my MSW from San Diego State University. I could not be more committed to doing my very best and applying what I have learned, putting it to very good use for decades to come.

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