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MPH Personal Purpose Statement Examples, Indian Doctor

Updated: Jan 14

A very hard-working woman doctor from India, since 2015 I have been making a new home for myself in the USA and working hard to restart my career in health here in the USA. While I adore the practice of medicine, for a variety of reasons, I feel that my first career advancement should take place in Public Health. Thus, I hope to earn the MPH Degree in your especially distinguished program at XXXX University.

MPH Personal Purpose Statement Examples, Editing Service
MPH Personal Purpose Statement Examples

Public health issues in my native India intrigued me even before I went to medical school and especially after the first year or two of my studies. A compassionate person, I have long grieved for the limitations that exist in India in our public health systems, the impoverished extent to which we are able to offer affordable care to the vast major of our people with the fewest resources. As a medical student, I was dismayed to realize how extraordinarily little was invested in India in Public Health Education, with little to no academic focus in this area at all except for brief mention as part of medical school curriculums.

MPH Personal Purpose Statement Examples, Help
MPH Personal Purpose Statement Examples

I moved with my Family to the USA in 2015 and I have worked alongside numerous physicians in both outpatient and inpatient settings. My work experience in the United States has broadened my horizons and helped me get oriented to the American healthcare system. Presentation of patients, charting and SOAP notes, electronic medical records, and extensive communication with medical and allied health staff have me ready to hit the ground running in your program with fresh experience to draw from. I have done extensive research in the past 6 months. one of my projects in my current position on the Rapid Response Team at my hospital is a quality improvement project. A physician with experience treating patients of extremely diverse backgrounds, I have also spent countless hours observing in a variety of clinics since I came to the USA in 2015.

My goal is to serve as part of a core team in hospital management dedicated to bringing about endless improvements in the delivery of healthcare. My past 6 months have been especially enriching serving as an assistant and working alongside my mentor, Dr XXXX at St Francis Hospital, a renowned cardiologist, and esteemed academician. Our team has so far worked on two major research projects dealing with quality improvement. Projects. With each passing day I better understand the connection between research and practice, bringing it all together to improve global human health. I find myself extremely highly motivated as a result to give my utmost to the fullest possible immersion experience in the study of Public Health.

MPH Personal Purpose Statement Examples


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