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MPH: NGOs Helping the Vulnerable

Updated: Apr 26

I hope to be accepted to the MPH Program at XXXX University because earning the master's degree in public health has long been the pinnacle of my professional dreams, the area of studies in which I am confident that I will be able to make my maximum contribution to the health and well-being of my society. I also find increasing satisfaction in thinking about health issues in their global context, especially in the age of our current pandemic. While I first set my sights on becoming a nurse, my global sense of identity and urgency has led me in the direction of public health, cultivating my internationalism, traveling, and serving the underserved and unprotected in poorer nations.

While I knew early on that a career in health was for me, it was not until my thinking had a chance to mature and my horizons broadened that I realized that I wanted to be a soldier in the battle against disease, but not in a clinical setting. My daydream turned away from ICU and became focused on the laboratory and work in the field to support public health initiatives in the community rather than always in the hospital.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
MPH Master Public Health Personal Statement Examples

I am drawn to the broad array of options available to the healthcare worker who is qualified in Public Health, working for NGOs, corporate institutions, grass-roots organizations, and directly with vulnerable populations. My quest is to serve embedded in at-risk communities and make differences that can transcend populations across generations. It is the area of study allowing proactive change that can be molded, adapted, and revised based on specific cultural and community needs—being that change agent, implementing different policies and research findings, and offering an open ear and bridge between populations needing critical resources and those looking to assist. That is what I want to accomplish. I want to proactively empower essential lifestyle changes and enable others to disseminate public health information.

By contributing to appropriate interventions at the community level, I will be able to help large numbers of people live sustainable lives. I have completed multiple internships addressing different populations and public health challenges and have worked with refugees escaping humanitarian crises. I have helped with home visits and focus groups to assist refugees to re-establish themselves in the US and connect them with resources to help ease their transition. Interning at XXXX, a corporate wellness program, I developed and implemented a stress management initiative and led a stress management seminar and guided meditation practice. Through these experiences, I realized that I enjoy health education and effectively empowering individuals to make healthy lifestyle choices. I earned credentialing as a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES), which led me to my current program planning and implementation position for a non-profit hospital. I oversee ten programs and numerous partnerships. I can blend community engagement, education, and research perfectly. I created my initiative titled #JustGirlsSocialClub, which has been active for over four years. We address health equity issues and social determinants of health for adolescent girls living in vulnerable communities through workshops, interventions, and discussions on different health topics. I mentor interns to lead their interventions and bring in trusted partners to close the loop to the participants further.

I also oversee a senior exercise program in XXXX County with over six hundred members. One of the most rewarding aspects of this initiative is the friendship and connections that blossom, helping to reduce social isolation, a significant health concern with many associated health risks. Furthermore, I am a volunteer for Stand Up for Kids, a nonprofit organization that helps end the cycle of homelessness among youth living in Washington, DC. I can work with the street outreach team mobilizing businesses to connect potential homeless youth to our services and identify anyone who may be at risk. I also can interact with the child at the weekly drop-in centers engaging with them through friendly conversation, games, and resource referrals, providing a safe, consistent space in a non-stigmatizing environment.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
MPH Statement of Purpose

I hope to be accepted to an MPH Program because I still have so much to learn about public health and prepare me for significant contributions to positive advancement in Public Health. A master's degree is the next step to gaining the knowledge, tools, and experience I need to serve the community optimally interested. I am particularly interested in mental health, women’s health issues, human trafficking, and global health. I keenly look forward to fully exploring these issues and associated challenges. Thus, I was beyond thrilled to discover that this program offers elective courses in global health and program planning and evaluation. I hope my future career will involve working abroad, creating, implementing, and evaluating programs that tackle the issues that quickly influence vulnerable communities. Knowing the online program has the same rigor as the in-person track. Still, it offers many opportunities for collaboration and engagement; I look forward to being challenged and working with individuals across many levels of society. Drs. XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, and Dr. XXXX are only several of your many noteworthy professors from which I hope to learn.

A master's degree in public health from XXXX University will help me achieve my goals through the learning structure best suited for a working professional and eager student and the many opportunities for collaboration and hands-on experience.

Thank you for considering my application.

MPH: NGOs Helping the Vulnerable


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