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MPH Medical Doctor from Iraq Personal Purpose Sample

Updated: Jun 10

I am a 28-year-old medical doctor from Iraq who now lives in Houston, Texas. I want very much to earn the master's degree in public health to enhance my professional capacity and stature as a medical professional. XXU is my first choice for graduate study because it is the finest program of its kind in the United States, because of its flexible curriculum, course offerings, study options, diverse student body and faculty, and its pronounced humanitarian emphasis, mission and commitment to greater social justice through the construction of advanced systems of public health.

MPH Medical Doctor from Iraq Personal  Sample
MPH Medical Doctor from Iraq Personal Purpose Sample

I am an Iraqi seeking admission to the finest public health program in the world. I think that it is appropriate that I be seen as a strong candidate for advanced study not only because of my credentials and dedication to diversity. but the fact I am well versed concerning the enormity and complexity of the public health challenges faced by my people in Iraq, which are greater than those of almost any country on earth, at least with the exceptions of Afghanistan, Sudan, and the Congo, challenges brought about by the enormous suffering that results from prolonged states of civil war. America took it upon itself to transform our nation, and now we depend on America to continue to help us to stop the bloodshed and build a functional government and public health system. I want to return to Iraq to use the knowledge that I will gain by completing your program.

MPH Medical Doctor from Iraq Personal  Sample
MPH Medical Doctor from Iraq Personal Purpose

Born and raised in Baghdad, much of my adult life has now been characterized by trauma, fear, sadness, frustration, a sense of impotence and horror; and all of this has inspired me with a sense of mission, profound dedication, an enormous sense of hope, the faith that is born of necessity. I have first-hand experience, almost every day, of the plight of the medically underserved, the innocents who have borne the brunt of this slaughter. Iraq is most certainly one of the best examples in the world of the total breakdown and incapacity of a public health system, totally incapable of the most minimally adequate response to the protracted suffering of the people to which it is dedicated to serve.

Public health care in my country is in many ways non-existent, inadequate at best. We have depended, at least until very recently, on the Americans for everything from attaining the most basic medical supplies to providing potable water and electricity for our hospitals. For my part, I am an Iraqi asking to receive the finest education possible in public health because I want to put this training to use in Iraq. Iraq is in desperate need of public health professionals, especially well-trained and highly motivated Iraqis who speak the language and are well versed in our history, young Iraqis like me who doggedly clean to passionate ideals and have the energy to implement courageous visions. Thus, I am uniquely suited to make the most of the learning experience that you provide.

MPH Medical Doctor from Iraq Personal Sample
MPH Medical Doctor from Iraq Personal Purpose Statement

I graduated from the College of Medicine at the University of Bagdad in 2005 and then completed one year of transitional medical residency in Jordon. Throughout this period, I cultivated a special interest in the areas of pulmonary and internal medicine. One especially value experience that I had which has helped to prepare me for your program was serving as part of a team studying the prevalence of tuberculosis in Iraq. As a result of Iraq descending into chaos, however, we were unable to complete this project,

My long-term goal is to teach public health in Baghdad and to serve as a coordinator for public health projects. Since I have been in the United States, I am truly amazed at the medical resources available. Frankly, I am overwhelmed at the difference between our two countries, even irrespective of the war. I am profoundly appreciative of this opportunity to come here, to observe, study and learn, so that I can return to help my people. While I intend to settle in the city in which I was born, I envision my future role as a medical ambassador of Iraq to the world, for the long term, the distant as well as near future. For this reason, right now, for example, I am attending a communication skills course to learn Spanish. And my primary motivation for doing so is to prepare myself for helping to build bridges between Iraq and the Spanish speaking world in the future, to facilitate greater international cooperation in the construction of public health infrastructures.

To stay engaged with the practice of medicine and to take advantage of this opportunity to learn how it is done in America, I have also been fulfilling observer ships in pulmonary and general, internal medicine at ____ Hospital in Houston, TX and I am working as a volunteer at the E.R. department at ____ County Hospital in Houston. I also completed a six-month externship with Dr ____'s Urgent Care Center in ____. These experiences continue to enhance my communication skills in English and my capacity as a physician and public health professional. I thank you on behalf of the Iraqi people for your consideration of my application to your program.

MPH Medical Doctor from Iraq Personal Purpose Sample


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