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MPH, Global Rural Health, Certified Health Education Specialist, Public Health Worker, Philippines

Updated: Jan 19

I hold a bachelor's degree in Health Science with an emphasis on Global Health and certification as a Health Education Specialist. Since acquiring my degree, I have spent three years working as a neurologist assisting with the education and guidance of patients and families concerning their conditions, symptoms, and prognoses. I have spent a further three years in the medical device field. I am currently a Principal Clinical Education Specialist leading a team developing courses for the hemorrhagic stroke portfolio, teaching hands-on, didactic, and observational studies.

I have found significant satisfaction in several roles in my career to date. Still, I look back on my voluntary activity in the US, Mexico, and the Philippines with special fondness. I now seek to acquire the skills and knowledge that will enable me to make a more substantial difference in the world by improving health education, health, and outcomes in deprived, rural communities both in the US and globally. I have made no final decision on how my goals might be best achieved. Still, I will most probably seek employment with an international organization that will want to maximize my utility to the underserved in the direct delivery of programs to local communities. This will put to good use the advanced knowledge and skills that I will gain by completing the Master of Public Health program at XXXX University. I feel strongly that the program would provide me with an excellent foundation to impact our world.

I am realistic enough to appreciate that the difference one person can make in the face of so many economic, social and cultural barriers to a general improvement in health is strictly limited. However, I am also convinced that the more genuinely dedicated and determined people get involved in this field, the more progress can be achieved and the faster it will occur. I am genuinely passionate about wanting to design, deliver, and facilitate truly effective health education for those in greatest need. I am also aware that people in need can quickly become mere statistics which is why my goal is to work, as far as possible, directly with real people with unique hopes and needs who make up the ‘numbers’ in reports.

One project in which I was involved in the Philippines required me to assist in seeking to reduce the incidence of hypertension and diabetes in collaboration with Rural Health Units. We worked closely with health workers, rural health unit midwives, and nurses doing house-to-house visits taking glucose levels, BP monitoring, pre-natal check-ups, and general health exams. In addition, I brought my knowledge of neurovascular diseases to the communities and created a stroke-signs and symptoms program to be implemented during my volunteer time and carried on after I departed. The dedication, commitment, and skills of the professionals involved were truly inspiring, and it was clear that real benefits were being achieved. It is this kind of direct involvement with needy communities that I seek.

My current employer awarded me promotions after a short period, reflecting their confidence in my abilities and, most significantly, my commitment, professional competence, communication skills, and management potential. The role has enabled me to exercise and develop leadership skills vital for the kinds of initiatives to which I aspire, cultivating an ability to envision, plan, and organize: I seek to listen to and inspire others. Management education is always a ‘work in progress, but I am keen to acquire and develop a wide range of leadership and management skills as far as possible.

I have happily worked, studied, and socialized with people of many cultural and social backgrounds. I understand that cultural awareness and sensitivity are vital in Public Health. I have had the opportunity to travel pretty extensively. I studied in the UK for several months and have visited several other European and Asian countries. My professional experience includes working and collaborating with international team members on the facilitation and execution of physician training programs across the world. I am fascinated by cultural contrasts and greatly enjoy exposure to other cultures to facilitate and execute. I am a native English speaker with a basic grasp of Spanish upon which I continue to build.

I am seeking a challenging but supportive academic environment and am. I am confident that the XXXX University Master of Public Health program will provide me with that. I see that the curriculum closely matches my areas of interest and I am drawn by the unique online program combined with a prestigious faculty. I also note the successful alumni career outcomes, and I am confident that I will also be able to fulfill my potential as a result of completing your program.

I hold a relevant bachelor's degree and have a professional background in health education design and provision. I have volunteer experience in three contrasting countries and various projects; I have leadership/management experience and some, admittedly limited, experience in assisting in research. However, my main recommendation is a genuine passion for improving the health of rural and deprived communities. If selected, I can assure the reader that I shall apply myself with exceptional diligence and enthusiasm to the program.

Thank you for considering my application.

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