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MHA, Healthcare Administration Central American Immigrant, Fully bilingual English/Spanish

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My country, El Salvador, is often said to have the dubious distinction of being the murder capital of the world, at least for a country that is not technically at war. The vast majority of those who die are boys and young men, caught up in what amounts to a fight, with shootouts between rival gangs and law enforcement a daily occurrence. I was lucky to finish high school alive, and as soon as I did, thanks to a lifetime of frugal hard work and great sacrifice, my parents were able to arrange for my immigration to Miami, where I began a new life in 2009. Now 26 and a US citizen, I see these nine years of preparation in the USA as enabling me to give something back to the community from whence I came, my people, and those who need me the most. Thus, I keenly hope to be accepted as a young Salvadoran American man to contribute to the diversity of your graduate program for the MBA in Healthcare Administration at XXU. I hope to earn the cutting-edge Master’s Degree at XXU to prepare me for a lifetime of service.

I aspire to be a fully bilingual English/Spanish health care administrator in Florida for the balance of my professional lifetime, gradually assuming more significant levels of responsibility. At the same time, I will never forget where I came from; during my vacation, I look forward to returning to El Salvador to assist with advancing healthcare administration ‘at home’.

I chose to major in Biology for my undergraduate studies because I saw it as excellent general preparation for a career in health care, coupled with my long-standing fascination with human physiology and anatomy. I also studied Principles of Accounting at Florida Atlantic University as a non-degree student preparing for graduate studies with a business focus. XXU is where I completed my BS studies, and it is my first choice for graduate school primarily because I see it as home, where I am best prepared to excel as a graduate student on my home turf.

In high school in El Salvador, I dreamed of becoming a businessman and put a lot of effort into studying business issues. After completing my first few college classes, I became interested in the natural sciences. The Healthcare MBA program at XXU would allow me to combine both areas and achieve my professional dreams in healthcare, learning all I can think about healthcare management's financial, legal, and ethical aspects. I believe patients receive the quality of care related to physicians treating sickness, but it also depends on the control quality behind the scenes. Therefore, my long-term goal is to make my maximum contribution to health services management, giving my all to developing increasingly effective healthcare management systems and programs, focusing on the needs of poor, overcrowded, violent countries such as El Salvador.

It pleases me that I have experience in rehabilitation and long-term care facilities since I also completed a Certified Nursing Assistant Program and volunteered at the Plantation Nursing and Rehab Center. I plan to continue to develop a particular focus and concern with gerontology issues as a student in your program and beyond. I read widely, for example, in facilities design and elderly care. One big problem in El Salvador is virtually no medical facilities in rural areas. There are community workers that take the responsibility of providing primary healthcare to those areas. Still, despite their efforts, the quality of life of residents of these areas suffers greatly. Even in large cities, hospitals are significantly understaffed with inadequate medical equipment that is generally damaged and seldom working correctly. El Salvador needs my help.

Thank you for considering my application for the MBA in Health Care Administration at XXU.

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