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MFA Photography Personal Purpose Statement Examples

Updated: Apr 17

I see images as having much in common with advanced languages: raising questions, provoking answers, and generating ongoing creativity. Visual art is an expression of the enthusiasm resulting from the community. This is the image that I struggle to capture, a slice of society in time and transformation, a symbol. I hope to be selected for the MFA Program at XXXX to have the space, tools, and inspiration at my disposal to give my all to the power of visual images, photography, and beyond, incorporating the power and energy of music propelled by the thrust of literature – a photographer, a poet.

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MFA Personal Purpose Statement, Master of Fine Arts Examples

My goal is to become an outstanding visual and mixed artist, evoking reflection, and profound sentiment, helping to orient my community to a celebration of compassion and solidarity as timeless, transcendent values. I hope to earn the MFA at XXXX for distinct reasons, including the location. For an artist and Art critic and a student of cultural change and diversity: LA is hard to beat. The creative interests of the faculty, and guest speakers, and the sense of being at the Art World's forefront all informed my decision.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
MFA Personal Purpose Statement Writing and Editing Service Samples

I want to broaden my use of media, increasingly incorporating other media in some way into at least some of my photography. I am keen on interdisciplinary work: installation, sculpture, printmaking, video, and music is the purest form of Art. Thus, the idea of capturing or expressing music in my photography strikes the center of my being. I hope to have the privilege of doing the best that I can to make my photography capture, express, and celebrate the power and emotion of music on at least some level. The vibration starts with motion, tones, and frequency which elicit emotion. I seek to control my interaction's tone, texture, and presenting strategy. My most recent efforts involve the application of hot wax to prints, giving them a translucent quality and enhancing details in darker areas. These days, I spend a lot of time trying to print text with hot wax, with enough success to keep me going since I am very persistent.

I look forward to using various materials in my work since I appreciate each material's unique attributes and metaphors. For example, I see waxes and oils as generally corresponding to organic. In contrast, LN2 (liquid nitrogen) equals clean and cold, also the ultimate sense of sublime — because LN2 may also suggest death. The scope of my thinking and influences are broad, and I define my quest in photography using terms that come from Philosophy, Music, and Literature. I want to create my work as a container or a structure in a framework that allows an audience to imagine freely. Because I grew up in China, Chinese culture and aesthetics have informed my vision, which will always be integral to my artistic expression.

MFA Photography Personal Purpose Statement Examples


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