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MFA Masters Fine Arts, Mexican-American

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MFA Masters Fine Arts, Mexican
MFA Masters Fine Arts, Mexican-American Artist Personal Purpose Statement Writing Service

I am a Mexican American woman born and raised in Texas and familiar with much of the US Southwest. I hold a bachelor's degree in art education awarded by UXX. I am a native speaker of both English and Spanish. As my youthful identity solidified, I became primarily an artist, which is how I related to my world on moral and psychological levels.

 I have observed that artists are often eccentric, odd, outsiders, distinct, unusual, or all those things at once. I had qualified at an early age, since, by the age of four, I was convinced that parallel universes existed and that I existed in each one of them, I was also convinced that this knowledge was unique to me. Even at that age, I had already become an avid observer of the world and its beauty. To say that I was fascinated with color, sound, and texture would be an understatement; I often felt myself immersed in them. Yet, I was aware that my ‘take’ on the world was distinct, while I was pressing my ear to the grass to hear it ‘sing’ whilst feeling the texture of the soil. While other children were playing with their toys and would have found the world unbearable without them, for me, the world just seemed to me to be one big ‘toy’ that offered limitless possibilities for enjoyment, exploration, and experimentation. My childhood memories consist of a series of clear, distinct impressions or illuminations about the world that I still carry with me.

MFA Masters Fine Arts, Mexican
MFA Masters Fine Arts, Mexican-American Personal Statement of Purpose Editing Service Help, Sample

 I have always loved reading and drawing, and my many artistic efforts have brought me boundless joy, even though not all my teachers were favorably impressed since my projects were often seen as very unusual. This lack of artistic appreciation of a small child’s heartfelt efforts was hurtful, indeed heart-breaking but somehow, I was not discouraged.  I drew obsessively but in secret and carefully disposed of each creation lest they suffer mockery or indifference.  To me, each one was like a uniquely beautiful child, and I genuinely felt them to be multi-dimensional, they were not only visually distinct, but each carried a unique taste and smell. To me, they lived. I had no idea that this was art, it was just my secret.

Traumatic events in my life, from the age of eight to twelve and my lack of control over them made me withdraw socially. I was moved from home to home and town to town, as are many Latino children of immigrants, living with different people. I regarded myself as a ‘bubble’ or a ghost just floating around and observing the families I shared with them more as an observer than a participant. While the instability of my childhood was traumatizing, it also furnished me with numerous, fascinating opportunities for observation that have fed my art.

MFA Masters Fine Arts, Mexican
MFA Masters Fine Arts Personal Purpose Statement Writing and Editing Service Samples

 As time progressed, I slowly and joyfully recognized that I was by no means alone, that my feelings were shared by others and these others were ‘artists’. I had family, we had a role, and we had a purpose! I now love to share what skills and artistic knowledge that I have acquired and so have, for eight years, provided free art lessons. This has brought me enormous satisfaction and my students have often returned year after year.

 My art is both truthful and secretive. I want to state truths but to do so in the form of fables and riddles.  I look forward to undertaking research in the areas of morals, memories, psyche, parallel realms, and reminiscence through Installation Art, incorporating imagery, objects, sound, light, temperature, texture, smells, echoes, and emotions. I am interested in words and in juxtaposing words in unexpected but meaningful contexts through poetry. I also look forward to using psychology and philosophy in my art. I am also interested in the ‘energy’ attached to old objects, particularly heirlooms that have had shared ownership over generations. I am convinced, as many cultures hold, that such objects do carry something of the energy of their successive owners with them and this concept is one that I would like to study, explore, and develop further, especially concerning Latino communities.

Thank you for considering my application.

MFA Masters Fine Arts, Mexican American


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