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MFA Goal Statement Responses, Chinese Artist

Updated: 6 days ago

MFA Goal Statement Responses
MFA Goal Statement, Chinese Artist Personal Purpose Statement Samples, Editing Service

It has long been my dream to become a professional artist ceaselessly exploring, interacting, and learning from others. Your MFA Program will provide me with the preparation that I need to achieve my fullest expression as an artist – my central goal. I want to work on the intersection of American and Chinese art, celebrating the symbiotic relationship between the two, overcoming language barriers and cultural differences, building networks among Chinese and American artists that help us to develop more sophisticated perspectives on art and better appreciate the beauty to be found by drawing from each other’s traditions.

I want to cultivate my identity as an artist to fully implement life experiences gleaned from Self-exploration and reflection. As a result of completing your most exceptional MFA Program, I will learn to challenge my artistic energy in the most creative ways and directions possible. I see your diverse, innovative faculty as ideal for preparing me to make my maximum contribution to both the art world and humanity writ large.

MFA Goal Statement Responses
MFA Art School Personal Purpose Statement, Chinese Artist Example, Writing Service

I especially appreciate the interdisciplinary focus and structure of XXXX, the way that you cultivate and reward diversity of opinion, with the atmosphere itself serving to foster boundary breaking creativity.  XXXX’s transcendence beyond a 2-dimensional discipline allows for self to challenge ideas and learn techniques to augment the subtlety of one’s expression. I have already studied at XXXX, and I feel most at home, love the people, and find myself most excited by the directions taken in your program at the integration of art with the student’s inner world.

I could not have had a more favorable impression of the faculty at XXXX, the ones that I have gotten to know and based on the research that I have done. All internationally recognized artists and writers, I am also attracted to the fact that you have one of the lowest student-to-faculty ratios among comparable MFA programs. I appreciate your annual rotation of internationally recognized artists, historians, and critics that will help me to understand the critical depth of social as it relates to artistic criticism. I love the fact that XXXX is fully global with students having the opportunity to get to know and learn from artists coming not just from all over Los Angeles, but Berlin, Cologne, Vancouver, etc. The possibility of spending some of my time studying abroad intrigues me.

MFA Goal Statement Responses,
MFA Goal Statement Responses, Chinese Artist

I am mesmerized by the diversity of the faculty - artists, critics, and theorists - all steeped in the historical, cultural, and political aspects that result in the creative processes that shape great works of art. It would be a special honor to study under XXXX, XXXX, XXXX and XXXX, all widely recognized multidisciplinary artists in multimedia and world-class master's in visual language. Similarly, under the tutelage of XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, and XXXX, I will have the optimal opportunity to find my own space and creative energy within the enormously diverse and complex world of contemporary art.

MFA Goal Statement Responses, Chinese Artist


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