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MBA Personal Purpose, Sustainable SCM, Supply Chain Management, School of Business Applicant

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

I hope to be selected to your especially distinguished Master’s Degree Program in Supply Chain Management (SCM) at the University of XXXX’s XXXX School of Business so as to build upon my MBA by specializing in SCM. This is the area where I have the greatest curiosity, passion, and dedication, especially in the areas of procurement, strategic sourcing, and warehousing. I particularly appreciate how Supply Chain Management has gained increasing prominence over the course of the last several decades on strategic as well as tactical levels. I hope to prepare myself as fully as possible for a competitive, corporate job market by earning a second Masters in SCM, to complement the MBA that I already hold so as to make myself more attractive to the corporate world, as a result of my greatly enhanced capacity to make important and sustainable contributions to corporate supply chain organization and efficiency.

I look forward to a long and highly productive professional lifetime putting my skills to good use in the corporate world, rising up the corporate ladder as a result of excellence driven by my lifelong dedication to advanced education and self-improvement coupled to my great passion for efficiency and productivity. I hope to give my all to a top- notch company like Amazon, Apple, or Nestle etc., learning best practices on a mammoth, global scale and to learn to think about SCM without frontiers in constant search of enhanced creativity and novel solutions to ongoing supply chain challenges. I very much hope to be selected to study at the XXXX School of Business because of my profound admiration for the integral focus on socially responsible business and sustainability at XXXX, along with a well-established track record of educating social entrepreneurs and supporting ventures with a heart. If one wants a “green” education in SCM, Ross is necessarily one’s first choice. I also very much appreciate the uniqueness of the Corporate Advisory Council, facilitating networking with leading figures in industry. Studying at the XXXX School will provide me with precisely the exposure that I need to the real-world challenges and issues faced by industry managers. I am also excited by the Supply Chain Consulting Studio with its cutting- edge technology and programming in a wide range of areas such as data analytics, risk management, and sustainability. No other program offers so much action-based learning opportunity as XXXX.