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MA International Relations, IR Statement of Purpose

Updated: Apr 18

My academic background is in Finance, and I now hope to broaden my horizons by studying for the MA Degree in International Relations and World History; by participating in XXXX University’s International Studies Program in China. Nottingham University in China is close to my home, and I feel most fortunate to live in this location, close to such a vital resource. As I have continued to advance as a business and finance professional, I have increasingly realized how international relations have influenced Finance.

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MA, IR Applicant from China

Finance has stood at the center of my professional world for some time. This is why I majored in this area and earned my undergraduate degree in Financial Engineering in 2015. I am currently working towards completing my master's degree in finance at Xiamen University and will finish this year, 2019. As a software engineer, I also serve as my company's interpreter and translator. This expands my interests in History, and International Relations is a natural academic choice given my interests and professional function. While engaging with Michelin, I took the time to learn about the historical relations between China and France. This helped me understand Michelin’s business strategies vis-à-vis China.

Much more so than in France, however, I consider myself a lifelong student of Japan. I hope to earn a doctoral degree in Japan to further my career after completing the MA Program at XXXX. I already speak and read basic Japanese, and I look forward to improving my Japanese as a student at XXXX and beyond. My long-term professional goal is to help young people from Japan and China draw closer by studying each other’s languages, improving relations between the two countries, overcoming the tensions of the past, and making progress toward common Asian goals.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
MA International Relations, IR Applicant from China, Financial

Historical relations between China and Japan have gone through tumultuous periods in recent history, especially during the Second World War. The most notable chapter of these events is the brutal conquest of Nanjing by Japanese forces and the subsequent massacre of civilians and military forces alike. Nanjing's historical significance is one reason I visited the city and spent considerable time there as a university student. Since childhood, I have been deeply influenced by Japanese culture, and I share this with several family members. My favorite composer is Japanese (Yuki Kajiura) as well as conductor (Tomomi Nishimoto) and writer (Keigo Higashi no). My favorite popular music group is also Japanese (akb48). As I progress in the Japanese Language at Nottingham, I will also learn all I can learn about Japanese history, especially relations with China. I have been to Japan and keenly look forward to returning. My cousin, with whom I am close, is currently studying at one of Tokyo’s finest universities.

Since April 2018, I have worked with the XXXX College of Health Sciences in the Office of Asset Management. I accepted this professional position in addition to my post as a software engineer and interpreter/translator for the Shanghai Quwain Information Technology Co., Ltd., where I have been since October 2015, developing an extensive relationship with Michelin in particular. I have learned many valuable things in both positions that will help me excel in your program at Nottingham and beyond, giving my all to the development of China in every sense of the word, culturally and economically.

I graduated from the best university in China and have an advanced understanding of economics and global trade that will propel me to excellence at XXXX. I earned a percentage of 97% on the TOEFL six years ago and lived in the USA for eight months, during which time I began working for Quwain long-distance. Later, I returned to work in the Shanghai office. After completing your program at Nottingham, I hope to study extensively in Japan and then return to China to work in an International Office of a University where I can better help Chinese students to go abroad and facilitate international students coming to China.

Thank you for considering my application to XXXX University’s International Studies Program.

MA International Relations, IR Statement of Purpose


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