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Economics Professor, LOR, Letter of Recommendation for MPH Program, Global Health

Updated: Jan 25

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is XXXX, Ph.D., and I am currently employed as an Economist II at Amazon Headquarters, Seattle, Washington (June 2018 - Present). Previously, I served as an Assistant Professor at the Tunis Business School, Tunis, Tunisia (2016 – 2018. I have been a good friend and close colleague of XXXX for several years since our time together as faculty and friends at the same university, her on the Computer Science faculty as was my brother; me in Economics. I could not be more convinced that XXXX has much to give to Global Public Health and the distinguished MPH program at XXU, particularly given her love for NYC.

I could not recommend XXXX more highly, based on her diligence and most impressive grasp of all things having to do with data and its foundational importance to research – and how she is thoroughly dedicated to creative innovation. I first got to know XXXX regularly in the bi-weekly seminars at my Economics research lab devoted to advanced statistical modeling and analysis at the University of Tunis. XXXX seemed especially interested in our talk series on cross-disciplinary applications of statistics and data science to economics, especially in measuring economic and social inequality and its relevance for issues in distributive justice. Economists tackle poverty in developing countries, how to address the lack of data in Tunisia and other developing nations using advanced data science techniques, etc. Since I was pursuing a degree in Public Law when we became friends, XXXX and I had long discussions about the intersection between law, economics, and data. I was fascinated by her passionate explanations about data science applications in numerous fields, in law enforcement, for example, predictive policing, solving crimes, and measuring the impact of regulation.

XXXX’s ambition to achieve a fast-paced career in global health is unrelenting. Given her quantitative background coupled with conscientiousness and curious mind, I am confident that she will represent an essential contribution to your program. I recommend her to you without reservation. If you have any further questions about her background or qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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