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LOR from Mentor, Chinese, Development Studies MSc Letter of Recommendation

Updated: Jan 24

To Whom It May Concern

My name is XXXX, and I am the President of the National Institute for South China Sea Studies. I write what follows in support of the application of XXXX to the Master’s Degree Program in Development Studies at XXXX. XXXX is currently working at our institute and has been here for almost two years. During this time, I have had the opportunity to get to know him well and come to depend upon his brilliance, enthusiasm, and constant flow of creative ideas. HE WILL BE SORELY MISSED once XXXX leaves us for the most fortunate graduate program.

I have given the bulk of my professional life to the South China Sea area and am thus most devoted to my subject. When I think of development, generally speaking, it is development centered on this part of the world, the story of, by, and for China. XXXX thinks more globally in every way, in terms of economics, politics, and international relations. He has helped me to better appreciate how Chinese development is increasingly inseparable from global phenomena, our fate rising and falling with the rest of the world.

Of course, XXXX is young and thus subject to the optimism characteristic of youth. Still, his optimistic outlook is backed by sound scientific reasoning and a solid grasp of historical facts and reality. His vast knowledge of political and economic realities is most impressive and inspiring. Most importantly, he never stops brainstorming novel ideas to move us forward in unique and creative ways.

As a result of his superb performance, in November of 2017, XXXX participated in the China-ASEAN Academy on Ocean, Law, and Governance as the representative of our Institute. This training program is for people in public administration, foreign service, and academia, with participants from across the ASEAN states plus China. Then, in December, he again represented our organization as a panelist for the International Symposium on the “Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)” and Common Development of the Greater South China Sea Region, where he delivered a remarkable presentation concerning the potential for joint China-Philippines development of oil and gas resources. XXXX’s work has been inspiring in light of the ambitious expansion of Hainan, particularly in terms of tourism and the film industry, subjects on which he has also given presentations at the Institute and submitted influential and highly creative policy recommendations. XXXX was also chosen for an extensive field trip to Europe to study the maritime industry. It would be a privilege for me to provide the Department of Development Studies at XXXX with any further information concerning the application of XXXX.


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