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GMAT Waiver Request for DBA Applicant

To Whom It May Concern,

I humbly and sincerely request from the admission committee at XXXX University that the requirement of taking the GMAT and submitting my scores be waved. The global COVID-19 pandemic has made life most difficult for most people, particularly here in the USA, and especially international students, for whom many things at least appear complicated, especially at first, since they are getting used to new and very different surroundings.

On top of everything else, the disruption caused by the public health crisis of COVID-19, that has stretched into every corner of academic administration, has made it nearly impossible for me to take the GMAT in time for this application. I would like very much to take the GMAT and do so in good faith, taking the time to study and adequately prepare, if these were normal times and the academic world were not facing such extraordinary circumstances that make almost everything more difficult than it was prior to the pandemic, this is what I would do.

I have devoted my entire adult life so far to business, even as an adolescent, I read widely in this area while many of my friends were doing sports. Not that I do not love sports, but I understood the importance of getting an early start at what one wants to do best. I worked hard on my English as well as a teenager, knowing that it would help to open doors for me in the future and it did, helping me to regularly score in the top half of my class while working towards my ESL Certification, spending an entire year bringing my English up to the point where I could excel in my BS program in Finance. I went on to earn my MBA in November of 2020 from XXXXX University in XXXX Thus, I feel confident that I will also be able to excel in your program and I thank you for considering my request to grant the waiver of the requirement of the GMAT.


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