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Fellowship Internal Medicine & Nephrology, Indian

Updated: Jul 23

I am a physician from India who wants to give his all to a residency program in America. I currently live in Ohio but am ready to relocate anywhere in the country. I am especially looking forward to becoming fully immersed in research in Nephrology, the specialty that I have focused on pursuing as my life’s work.

In addition to medical school in India, I have gained relevant experience in several areas by volunteering in projects targeting Tuberculosis along with AIDS and polio prevention programs. I have also had extensive experience working with a Primary Health Care Center. I now feel confident that I can excel in a residency program, due to my great enthusiasm and dedication to service.

Growing up in India, during my childhood, I came across many people dying from various illnesses, which made an enormous impression on me, especially since I was a severely sensitive child. As I got older, I understood that most of this would be preventable and that this individual died due to a lack of medical care. My ardent desire to help these people resulted in my choosing the medical profession as my career.

Fellowship Internal Medicine & Nephrology, Indian
Fellowship Internal Medicine Personal Statement

My father served for many years as a paramedical officer; as I was growing up, his vision also helped to inspire me to work hard so that I would be accepted to an excellent medical school. Internal Medicine is what most excited me in medical school, and it is in this area that I want to excel. For some time now, I have also been reading virtually much of the current literature on understanding and treating the disease process.

Renal failure is widespread in India, and I have seen many people die from it. This would not have happened if they had had adequate treatment. I focused on this area of medical research early on because I recognized this great need back in India. Someday, I hope to be able to return to India and use what I have learned here in the United States to help make treatment programs more practical despite the limited resources that we have at our disposal.

Fellowship Internal Medicine & Nephrology, Indian
Nephrology Fellowship Personal Statement

I have graduated among the top 5% of my class since childhood. I was always an outstanding team player and led many teams in voluntary work and sports. My experience working at a primary care center for two years as a medical officer helped significantly strengthen my skills, learning to make the most of all available resources to meet our paramedical responsibilities. I keenly look forward to giving all my energy and concentration to the practice of Internal Medicine here in the USA. I hope to have many decades to work hard at research in this area and training. I crave long hours and total immersion in Internal Medicine. I look forward to meeting your team and giving my all, especially to the practice of Nephrology in your esteemed institution.

Thank you for considering my application to your program.

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