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Education Policy Master Personal Purpose Statement

Updated: Apr 17

I want to work towards justice and fairness in education because I see this as the most significant, most sustainable contribution that I might be able to make to my society and my community as a Chinese Professional and a global citizen. The distinguished MEP/Cohort Program at the University of XXXX is my first choice for graduate study in Education Policy because of my intense admiration for your curriculum and the fact I am a good fit given the research interests of the faculty at the University of XXXX.

Your incredibly rigorous Education Policy Cohort Program offered by UX is ideal for my purposes of becoming a mover and a shaker in the Chinese educational system, helping to safeguard, protect, and indeed achieve justice in educational administration for the first time in China’s history. I find the University of XXXX faculty especially inspiring, particularly Dr. XXXX’s work on education equity. A cohort-based program is beneficial since I will have the opportunity to build and expand my network in the field.

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Master of Education Policy Personal Purpose Statement

I had the opportunity to work closely with other students who share my passion for justice in access to educational resources. A fast learner and problem solver, I seek the fullest possible immersion experience at the University of XXXX, with particular attention paid to allocating educational resources on national and international levels and promoting educational and social equity among all races and ethnicities. As an international student from China, comparing my experience in the educational systems of East and West has long been central to my intellectual interests. I look forward, in fact, to continuing to do this for the balance of my professional lifetime, on numerous levels, moral, legal, economic, etc., asking many pragmatic questions and probing for answers, learning about human nature, possibilities, and limitations at the same time.

I see good and evil in both systems and would ideally like to combine the two, choosing only the good from each system. This is where my interests lie, and passion drives me forward. The goal, of course, is equal access and opportunity. Given the fact that we live in an imperfect world, however, I am not at all sure that complete equality of opportunity in education is even theoretically possible: but we can work to get as close to that goal as possible, and this is what I fully intend to do for the balance of my professional life. I have chosen a career in education because I prioritize not economic gain but rather the fulfillment of the human spirit in the highest sense of the word. I live for ideals and plan to instill those ideas in my students, placing a high value on hard work, creativity, free thinking, generosity and compassion, and respect for others, to name a few of the ideals that I see as central to humanistic education.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
Statement of Purpose Education Master Statement

Volunteering is also central to my world, and I hope to dedicate increasing time to my volunteer activities as my career progresses. My first formal volunteer experience was in Phnom Penn, Cambodia, teaching English to preschoolers in a semi-formal, educational setting - one of the largest childcare centers in the country. I discovered my passion as a positive influencer as well as an educator. Most of the children I was working with were close to the same age, so I could tailor creative teaching plans to include everyone in age-appropriate activities with their peers and enhance curiosity about the subjects they were learning.

Most of the children that I taught at the daycare center shared remarkably similar challenges, with all of them suffering from cognition dysfunction. Many of their conditions resulted from traumatic childhood experiences, the most typical cause being their parents’ divorce. These children were not a priority of the government or public resources; they were mostly neglected, with no one to adequately attend to their emotional needs. Untrained faculty, few education-related resources, and teachers lack are excellent in Cambodia. Along with other team members, we put on a Share with U event and made the stories of these children and our visit into a video. The event was considered a success in the local community, having attracted more than one hundred people, including the education secretary of the district.

Since graduating, I have put heroic effort into becoming an excellent TOEFL trainer. After years of refining my skills from college, I am now increasingly confident as a public speaker. I have applied what I have acquired in the Psychology and Communication fieldwork as a TOEFL instructor. Tackling problems faced by students is a significant source of professional satisfaction. I am increasingly fluent in English and knowledgeable about the struggles often faced by Chinese students in America. I am an avid student of cultural differences and values and how the problems or conflicts that might arise from these differences can be avoided.

Thank you for considering my application to Education at the University of XXXX.

Education Policy Master Personal Purpose Statement Example


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