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Letter of Recommendation for Architect, LOR from Colleague

Updated: Jan 17

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is XXXX. I am an engineer and the Founder of XXXX Engineering Inc. I have worked with XXXX at XXXX & Associates Inc. since she joined the company in July 2019. I serve as the consulting engineer and XXXX as the architectural consultant. This has led to XXXX and me working together closely in the design of a variety of large projects throughout the last few years, developing a creative and dynamic rapport that has proven quite successful at meeting the professional goals of our company. Since I have had the opportunity to get to know XXXX quite well throughout the last year-and-a-half, it is an honor to write a recommendation on her behalf for acceptance to a Master´s Degree program in Architecture.

I could not feel more strongly that XXXX will be an essential contribution to the organization that is fortunate to have her in their program. I have most enjoyed my collaboration with XXXX for a variety of reasons. Her sheer intelligence is most remarkable, reflected in her impressive grasp of English and the influential and artistic style of expression that she has developed. I also admire her advanced understanding of innovative issues in Architecture and where Architecture and Engineering overlap.

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LOR from Colleague, Letter of Recommendation Writing Service

XXXX has taken on various interior and exterior renovation projects, and she is becoming exceptionally talented in multi-dwelling layout design. Ms. XXXX has consistently impressed me with her design ideas, work ethic, and enthusiasm. I have seen XXXX working tirelessly to perfect a design idea by utilizing different technical software from Autocade and Rhino to Lumion. She’s very skillful at communicating her creative ideas and helping clients resolve their design issues.

Patient when encountering problems and able to work as a team to resolve any issues, XXXX constantly explores modern design ideas and incorporates what she is learning into her work. Highly motivated, she is skilled at team leadership and has a consistently high standard of work - even under extreme pressure. She is highly responsive to her clients and our staff; all appreciate her. An expert in multitasking, XXXX never fails to meet a necessary deadline. She could not be more passionate about architecture, constantly laboring for new levels of creativity and originality in her designs.

Letter of Recommendation for Architect, LOR from Colleague



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