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DHA Health Administration Personal Purpose Statement

Updated: Apr 25

____ University is my first choice among DHA programs in Health Administration for distinct reasons, the excellence of your program. I am a good fit with your wide-ranging and thoroughgoing curriculum since it addresses all the areas of academic study in which I seek a complete immersion experience. I appreciate the online study format at __U, which will enable me to continue meeting my professional and family responsibilities. At the same time, I am making steady progress toward my doctoral degree. I plan to study part-time and continue to work full-time. Finally, I appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of your doctoral program in Health Administration at __U and that you have a long and distinguished history as an academic institution.

Earning my doctorate will enable me to make my maximum contribution to society, empowering me to fill leadership roles in healthcare management to reduce healthcare costs without compromising patient outcomes. I see debates in the USA over health care costs and the need for reform to be most engaging. I am well informed concerning the wide variety of proposals in this area that accompany the current race for the US presidency. I feel privileged to live in exciting times for healthcare management and contribute to its advancement in the USA. I keenly look forward to learning all that I can about health administration, regulation, and how policymaking in this arena affects the community. I appreciate that I am part of fast-moving developments. I long to be part of the ongoing systemic improvements that enable the US healthcare systems to adapt and streamline while America retains its status as a world leader in healthcare management systems.

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DHA Health Administration Statement of Purpose

My particular focus will continue to be on controlling the cost of pharmaceutical products, contributing to the study and implementation of ideas and policies that help assure that prescription drugs and medications can be obtained by those who need them. I see supply chains or channels as the area where I hope to make my most singular mark professionally, as I see this area as holding especially great promise in terms of cost reduction.

My professional future will be in drug regulation. One ideal position for me would be working for the FDA as regulatory personnel and investigative scientist. Given my interest in contributing to cost reductions, I pay incredibly close attention to the FDA’s accelerated process for approving generic drugs, which I see as having enormous potential in the future for making drugs available to those who need them. Having a share in bringing down the cost of pharmaceutical products and that of life-saving or prolonging drugs, is the noblest work and the most significant contribution that I might be able to my community as a very hard-working professional.

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DHA Health Administration Personal Statement Samples

I have extensive research and regulatory experience to help me hit the ground running in your program and excel. For an entire year, 2014, I had the enormous privilege of serving as a Research Assistant at the Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy at Columbia University in New York. My research experience in the retail side of drugs will help me better understand the cost structure of US healthcare systems compared to those of other countries. I look forward to extensive exploration into this area as a doctoral student in Health Administration at U.

Since January 2015, I have been a manager with XXXX Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in XXXX, CA. I very much enjoy my work conceptualizing and forming strategies for our efforts in CMC (chemistry, manufacturing, and controls), developing and evaluating plans for new injectable and inhalation products, investigating technical feasibility issues, due diligence, and IP (intellectual property) landscaping clearance. I lead research projects on in vitro formulation, device development, and silicon computational simulation and modeling of new products at three manufacturing facilities and one research center. I especially enjoy preparing regulatory submission documents and corresponding with the FDA.

I have now been in the USA for eight years and have made it my home after 21 years in my native China, the last three studying in Shanghai, where I finished my undergraduate studies in Chemical Engineering. Having spent one year in Houston, two years in New York City, and five years in Southern California, I have now fully adjusted to American culture and society, the English language, and could not feel more at home; looking forward to continuing to build my career here in America where I will be able to learn and serve on the cutting edge of research in the area of Health Administration, with a focus on pharmacy supply-chain issues.

I thank you for considering my application to Health Administration at __U.

DHA Doctor of Health Administration Personal Purpose

DHA Health Administration Personal Purpose Statement


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