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Updated: Apr 23

The Master’s Degree Program in Computer Science at XXXX University is my first choice for graduate school for a variety of reasons, the sheer excellence of the program, the location, and the fact that I feel that I am the best fit for your Master’s Degree Program in Computer Science, in particular, given my special focus on software engineering and machine learning. I especially admire the research that your faculty have done in these areas.

Currently employed full-time with Moody’s, one of the world’s premier international financial services companies, I seek further education to advance my career. I admire the broad spectrum of areas of specialization of the particularly distinguished faculty at XXXX University. I especially look forward to extending my vision concerning creating platforms on which people are empowered to help together, designing software and applications that help solve current world problems.

On weekends, I work with a start-up, Pascoal, primarily for the experience and to help one of my closest friends. I especially enjoy the team's energy and enthusiasm, and I am most enthused about the product, an audio platform where people can share information. Our users are from Uttar Pradesh, India, where few people speak English fluently and many are unable to type on a keyboard. With Pascoal, these individuals can share their views and information and find answers to their questions. For example, nearly one-tenth of users downloading our app are blind; helping them communicate better brings me especially boundless joy.

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Computer Science, Software Engineering Purpose

I appreciate very much the way that technology is developing so rapidly nowadays. I have acquired a solid technical background for advanced study to maximize my contribution to innovation in communication. As my career advances, I hope to focus increasingly on the communication needs of people of modest means in developing countries – with particular attention to the blind and those with scant resources. I look forward to decades to come serving on teams that contribute to the resolution of some of society's most entrenched and complex problems, especially in education, health care, wealth inequality, and energy consumption. I am very thankful for the education that I have received so far, and I hope to dedicate myself fully to giving back to society.

I also appreciate how university professors need to be conscious that they are preparing the next generation's minds to have a positive impact in terms of cultivating civic and scientific responsibility and stewardship. For my part, I hope to distinguish myself among graduate students with a far-reaching vision coupled with a lot of commitment and a solid work ethic driven by a desire to positively affect the world around me mind positively. Positively impact the world around me. I want to teach in my field at some point in my career, in India.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
Computer Science Personal Statement

I want to learn as much as possible about financial markets, so I joined the team at Moody’s, one of the world’s most advanced and successful companies in its area of expertise. My expanding knowledge of markets helps me better understand the world in many ways, developing a more solid grasp on the complexity of a challenge to resolve it with proficiency and expediency. Better understanding of the world in multiple ways, creating a more solid grip on the complexity of a challenge. I’m always grasping for advanced understanding in the areas I am most deeply engrossed in, mainly Operating Systems. I am proud to have published a research paper that was well-received in this area: “By Passing Antivirus and Antivirus Vulnerabilities” in the International Journal of Current Engineering and Scientific Research in 2016.

Looking back, I am incredibly thankful that my father had a military career since this resulted in my being more multicultural than most Indians, steeped in the many of the languages and cultural habits of our people in different regions of our vast and populace country that gives me great insight into opportunities for the advancement of digital communication for those who have the greatest need of this assistance in India. I feel most at home in a small Indian village, getting to know the people to understand their communication needs better.

After earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, I completed a further year of study in my areas of greatest most significant interest, focusing, in particular, on computer vision and natural language processing, seeking to prepare better life a foundation for a profession organizing and executing time devoted to using the computer to solve real-world development problems.

A close friend and associate of the President of the Rotaract Club of Delhi, I assisted with ten events in a volunteer capacity. During these last two years with Moody’s, my work has entailed developing risk models in Python and R that can mimic market conditions and help banks minimize exposure risk to their portfolios. For example, I have developed working models for the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, helping to attract a 7-billion-dollar investment for the Mumbai Metro Project. Currently, I am working with hedge funds based in the UK and the US to collect data, analyze information, and model the findings to predict market behavior.

I like trekking and reading novels with keen psychological insights, often related to the history of art, science, and technology. As an artist and an engineer, I also enjoy sketching, winning various awards early on in my school days; serving as President of our Art Club in high school was a particular highlight. Leonardo Da Vinci will always be one of my foremost heroes.

Thank you for considering my application to Computer Science at XXXX University.

Computer Science Personal Purpose Software


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