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Checkout for Letter of Recommendation Writing and Editing Service by Dr. Robert Edinger

US$149.00 each

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If you are one of my clients who prefer to make their payment on, I invite you to use the Paypal Button below and make your payment to my Business Manager in England, Steve Dillon. My service is quite different from other statement writing services on the Internet for several reasons. Most importantly, I am personally responsible for producing a statement that you are very pleased with. My partner - Stephen E. Dillon in England - and I are the little guys on the web, not a big business like most of our competitors.




You deal directly with me and I answer all of your questions completely free of charge. Steve is my business manager and he supports me with a variety of issues related to our business operations. Thus, I give my clients the option of making their payments on to him at by using the paypal button. Please note that I attend to my clients in the order in which I have received their payments. If you are in a hurry to meet a deadline, I ask you to make your payment as soon as possible. Please feel free to also forward the receipt for your payment to me, at

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