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Preventive Medicine for Family Care, FM Residency, Family Medicine , Immigrant Doctor from Turkey

I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program as a woman doctor from Turkey who is most devoted to Family Medicine. Passionate about every aspect of my field, I am eager to serve on the front lines of medical attention in these trying, difficult times for all of us, as a result of a variety of threats to public health in general, climate change for example, but especially COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. I adore the diversity of Family Medicine and look forward to being remembered in your program as an especially devoted and hard-working doctor who gave all to the patients and their families in greatest need.

I arrived in America 3 years ago especially weak in my ability to speak and understand English. Thus, I became certified as both a Nurse Assistant and a Patient Care Technician, in order to pay the bills, at the same time becoming familiar with the healthcare system and making steady progress with my English. It has been a great struggle, especially with respect to English. I am convinced that I failed Step 2 CS of the USMLEs for this reason. Now, however, I have passed not only Step 2 but also Step 3.

I was lucky to discover my passion in life while I was still a child, when I fell seriously ill and my parents took me to the hospital. Burning up with fever, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, and I was in a great deal of pain. Nevertheless, it was mesmerizing, especially as I began to recover and my pain subsided, for a most impressionable little girl, the very special atmosphere and smell, the magnitude and significance of it all. I was stunned by the female family doctor in her white coat. With her magical touch, she not only healed me, but she touched my whole family and changed us for the good. Since then, my direction in life has been medicine, my passion and dedication cultivated at each step based on this early beginning. This goes a long way to explain why I have seen Family Medicine as my destiny for a very long time.

Medical school was the only career track that I considered as a young woman growing up in Turkey. Many of the happiest days of my life as a medical student were spent in the village where I grew up during summer breaks. Most of the elderly were suffering from chronic ailments such as diabetes, arthritis, hypertension and so on. One of them was my grandfather, who had diabetes. His biggest dream was one day coming to my clinic. He died in his sleep from a heart attack, however, when I was in the 5th year of medical school. These early experiences of my childhood growing up in this village, the ailments of the people, health challenges, had a great impact on the course that my life would eventually take. Unable to save my grandpa, I gravitated towards helping others like him, and dedicated myself to the battle against diabetes and related maladies. Learning many of the secrets of pathophysiology, reaching the diagnosis by putting the pieces of the puzzle together, and subsequently providing the best possible care. The emotional connection with the all-important family unit, treating medical conditions of families, since they are all involved when a family member falls ill, and often can be a great asset in the attainment of a full and smooth recovery.

During my residency in Turkey, I worked in many different clinical environments: outpatient clinics, inpatient wards and ICUs, learning something new from each patient. Next, I began working in a rural hospital and soon discovered that the number of patients fighting chronic diseases due to unhealthy lifestyle choices was overwhelming. I got a chance to make closer relationships with my patients and also their families. Coming to understand their life dynamics underneath their diseases gave me clues as to the most effective approaches for treating them. I want to continue to make progress in seeing my patients in a holistic fashion. I seek to excellence in continuity of care, family and community-centered care, maximizing my contribution to the health of society generally speaking. Most of all perhaps, I want to engage with preventive medicine for family care, since I see it as having the greatest potential for the long term.

Perseverant, determined, my endless curiosity leads me towards discovery, I am a woman doctor from Turkey who takes pride in her ability to simultaneously follow directions from superiors at the same time that I think creatively about the practice of medicine, particularly where I see room for improvement. I came to the USA already in my 40s with 2 small children, because it had long been my dream and I am tenacious in my pursuit of my profession. Being always anxious to learn is part of my personality and character. I find team-based learning to hold special promise. I also take great care to see each patient as an individual with a unique story, health care needs and concerns.

I am especially excited about the prospect of becoming involved in research and I find simulation laboratories particularly intriguing. XXXX Medical Center in NJ is perfect for my family. Having lived not far away from XXXX, in Maryland, for 3 years already, I am settled in with my family and ready for a smooth transition, hitting the ground running in your program. I love the diversity of XXXX Medical Center, patients as well as professionals and I am eager to join your team

I thank you for considering my application to join your team in Family Medicine.

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