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PharmD Personal Statement Example Editing Service

Updated: Jun 28

I am a fiercely independent, highly responsible Vietnamese woman who wants very much to dedicate her life to pharmacy. I have a deep and abiding sense of dignity for myself, and others and I am convinced that this will serve me well as a pharmacy professional at the service of her community. Even though I immigrated to America only six years ago, I will soon have an undergraduate degree in biochemistry from the University of XXXX.

PharmD Personal Statement  Vietnamese
PharmD Personal Statement Editing

My first language is Vietnamese, and I grew up in a conservative and sexist culture. My siblings and I were often sent to my grandfather’s house where I learned little more than how to cook and sew. I always asked my grandmother why I cannot join my brother and his friends in the yard shooting down pears from trees and dissecting flies. She told me it was because I was a girl. My independent spirit, however, rebelled, and this, in turn, resulted in a great deal of physical punishment at the hands of various family members. Nevertheless, I refused to be molded by the thinking that girls should not explore nature or ask questions. I was like a fish who managed to avoid getting wet.

I was not formally introduced to Chemistry until junior high school; but I quickly excelled at it. I never missed a single Chemistry class; and while most of my female friends distained the laboratory, it was the center of my world. I suppose it appealed to my tomboy nature. I especially prize my time spent in the laboratory. By the time that I went to high school, Biology had officially become my second love, particularly human genetic codes. I decided at that time that I wanted to devote my life to the profession that stands at the crossroads of my two major interests, chemistry, and biology: Pharmacy.

PharmD Personal Statement  Vietnamese
PharmD Personal Statement Service

I followed my parents to the United States in 2005, despite my profound reservations concerning their ability to successfully adapt; and it has been difficult, primarily because of the language barrier. My own experience here in America, however, has been quite positive. Attending XXXX Community College (XCC) gave me a chance to meet many friends and adapt to the American lifestyle. I became friendlier, more open to communicating with people and felt increasingly free to express my ideas to others. My life in the USA has enabled me to become independent, working and pursuing my degree at the same time.

I very much love the international colors of higher education in America, and this is why I am currently employed by the English as a Second Language Laboratory at SCCC. This position fulfills my dream of being able to support myself and help my parents while I can help others, in this case people who have difficulty with English and need computer-based support.

PharmD Personal Statement  Vietnamese
PharmD Personal Statement Examples

I have also worked as a Mathematics Tutor in the Math and Science Laboratory.

This job helped me to refresh my knowledge in mathematics while receiving the joy of meeting and helping people from different countries. In my junior year at UW, to gain additional laboratory experience, I accepted a position in the laboratory of environmental scientist Dr. XXXX. Working in this extremely impressive, high-tech environment has helped me to become a much more critical thinker and more independent scientist. I have learned how to organize and prioritize multiple tasks and to work very effectively under the pressure of deadlines.  I have done extensive research into Phyto detoxification of 2,4,6 –Trinitrotoluene (TNT) and hexa-hydro-1,3,5-trinitro -1,3,5-triazine (RDX) in transgenic plants and the relationship between Endophytes and crop growth. Since my senior year, and my elective class in microbiology and the human immune system, I have been especially fascinated by antibiotics and this goes a long way to explain my dedication to pharmacy.

I have dreams and visions of helping my people back in Vietnam, at some point in my future, as a Doctor of Pharmacy. I am most attracted to issues of public education and changing perspectives, while I will always be engaged with the literature concerned with lowering the cost of life-saving medicine and making it more accessible to those that need it most.

PharmD Personal Statement Example Editing Service


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