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Pediatrics Residency Canada, Saudi Arabian

Updated: Jan 17

When I was twelve years old, my life changed forever, for the better. I was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, and since then I have found my cause in life, my professional reason for being. My doctor told me that I could live a normal life but with one exception; that I would have to take shots for as long as I live. Initially, I was frustrated and depressed, finding it exceedingly difficult to accept that this was indeed the case, and that this medical treatment was inevitable. From that moment forward, my eyes and heart have been trained on the goal of finding a cure that would enable all diabetics to lead ‘normal’ lives, without having to take shots with every meal. I tended to blame the doctors, believing for many years that they were not eager enough to work at finding a cure for diabetics because they did not know what it was like to live as a diabetic. Thus, while still an adolescent, I dedicated myself to the goal of becoming a physician. And since I experienced this trauma while still a child, I also set my sights on becoming a pediatrician. Today, as a physician, I feel that the greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society is to wage war against diabetes and other autoimmune disorders. My long-term goal is to become a professor in the field of immunology in my home country—Saudi Arabia—helping to inspire students and doctors to dedicate their lives to medical research, especially on behalf of children.

Pediatrics Residency Canada, Saudi Arabian
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Another profound, personal inspiration occurred while I was in Medical School when my best friend was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It was already progressing so rapidly that she had to drop out of our program. I became incredibly excited later when I learned that DM and MS are both autoimmune disorders whose pathogenesis is fully understood - with no cure yet in sight. My calling was reaffirmed at this point, especially because of the egregiously debilitating effects that both disorders have on young people. In Saudi Arabia, children and youth are most of the population. We have recently become especially alarmed at the rapid and steady increase in the number of children diagnosed with different autoimmune disorders. For all these reasons, I have dedicated my life to the study and practice of pediatrics with a subspecialty in pediatric immunology. I fully intend to spend the balance of my professional life working to understand the pathogenesis of autoimmune disorders.

Pediatrics Residency Canada, Saudi Arabian
Pediatrics Residency Canada, Sample Personal Statement

My special love for pediatrics intensified still further after my cousin was blessed with the birth of triplets. It was a big event in our family, and we all pitched in to lend a helping hand. Watching those three little miracles grow in front of my eyes made me appreciate children even further. I so very much enjoy spending time with them, analyzing them, and struggling to understand what goes on in their little minds. And I have concluded that they are very much like adults, fully aware of their feelings and what is going on around them, with the only significant difference being that they have not yet developed the ability to express themselves fully. And this beauty and mystery make pediatrics especially challenging and fascinating for me. As a result of my rotations in pediatrics, pediatric endocrinology, and pediatric surgery, I have blossomed into a seasoned pediatrician. I have much to bring to your residency program. An effective team player, I keenly look forward to working with you and having the opportunity of proving my capacity in your esteemed program.


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