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MSC Pharmacy UK Organic Synthesis Personal Purpose

Updated: Jun 14

I view pharmacy as a challenging and exciting career. Pharmacists are vital to healthcare today as health practitioners. Their understanding of the pharmaceutical sciences ensures that the drugs are used to maximum benefit in disease prevention and patient treatment by health professionals. I am eager to specialize in this subject with a specific interest in the placebo effect and how drugs can not only affect us physically and mentally, but socially too.

MSC Pharmacy UK Organic Synthesis Personal Purpose Examples
MSC Pharmacy UK Organic Synthesis and Pharmaceutics

I have enjoyed the various aspects of my chemistry course, particularly my A2 course in organic chemistry. I especially liked organic synthesis because it allows you to make complex chemicals such as drugs from remarkably simple materials. Whilst studying mathematics and physics, I have gained an understanding of the need to apply new concepts accurately, quickly, easily, and effectively. These key skills will be essential in the study of pharmacy. Having thoroughly enjoyed the academic study of chemistry, physics, and mathematics, I have chosen a degree that will enable me to combine theory with a practical application.

MSC Pharmacy UK Organic Synthesis Personal Statement
MSC Pharmacy UK Organic Synthesis Personal PurposeMSC Pharmacy UK Organic Synthesis Personal Purpose

My work experience at a local pharmacy was an enjoyable and challenging experience. I observed the formulation of medicines and learnt about the precision and responsibility with which pharmacists must work. I also learnt how to dispense prescriptions and use the computer to check for interactions with other drugs, correct dosages and print labels for prescriptions. I was also fortunate enough to give advice to customers and indicate the side effects their medication may have. My work experience gave me a valuable insight into my degree area and confirmed that pharmacy is a degree that I will thoroughly enjoy. I have had the opportunity to visit AstraZeneca, the Avlon site, in Avon mouth last year, where I saw how drugs were manufactured on an industrial scale; it was simply fascinating to watch. To widen my view of the field I try keep up to date with recent developments by enlightening myself with the pharmaceutical journals


MSC Pharmacy UK Organic Synthesis Personal Purpose Statement
MSC Pharmacy UK Organic Synthesis Personal Purpose

In addition to my academic studies, I have always enjoyed undertaking sports like badminton and squash and am currently learning to swim at my local sports center every weekend. I also completed the Bath half marathon last year in March 2007. I am fully conversant in the use of computers and have used them to maintain a website and research subjects on the internet. I have also held the responsibility of being a house prefect which has developed my speaking, listening, time management and leadership skills. I have mentored a year 11 student thought his GCSE year helping him with exam strategies and organization skills. This has refined my communication skills and makes me feel like a respected member of the sixth form.

I am determined to achieve my long-held ambition to become a pharmacist and to enjoy the stimulation that this career offers.

MSC Pharmacy UK Organic Synthesis Personal Purpose


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