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Masters Strategic Communication Program, Strategies for the DeafDisabled, Jewish/Spanish Applicant

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My hearing loss was progressive as I grew up yet sufficiently gradual that I could learn three verbal languages. Even though I am now DeafDisabled, I am most thankful that I had the chance to grow up and distinguish myself as an oral communicator before losing my hearing. I believe my situation is somewhat unique, providing me with an excellent platform to make significant contributions to the field of Strategic Communication with a particular focus on the DeafDisabled community. I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program as a Jewish/Spanish woman who speaks, reads, and writes Spanish (intermediate) and Hebrew (fluent). The Masters of Strategic Communication Program at XXXX University is my first choice for graduate school because I see your program as the perfect location for me to continue making my maximum contribution as a multiethnic, multilingual advocate for the advancement of communication strategies for the DeafDisabled.

Now 37, perhaps my highest professional honor so far has been receiving the Circle of Excellence Award for a training curriculum that I developed which is still in use by AIMCO. At 25, I learned ASL when I discovered that my hearing was not “normal.” Growing up, I was also diagnosed with ADHD and dysgraphia and given years of therapy for a speech impediment. Many of the challenges I faced were misdiagnosed—my gradual loss of hearing negatively affected my ability to learn and communicate. Yet, I have never been a quitter. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Deaf Studies and Human Services in December of 2014, after earning my Certificate of Completion in Deaf Studies at Phoenix College in 2011.

I am currently working towards my Certificate for Childcare in Maryland. I am also proud of my service record as a volunteer and my devotion to public service, especially on behalf of the underserved and now victims of hearing loss. I was the first student in my synagogue to collect donations of toiletry items for local homeless shelter residents instead of donating flowers for my Bat Mitzvah. Since middle school, I have been an active member of several humanitarian organizations, building homes with Habitat for Humanity, helping to plan and organize fundraising events for several other organizations, doing humanitarian promotions on social media, and developing marketing plans for these same organizations. I have long been engaged in HIV prevention and working to prevent domestic violence in addition to caring for victims of sexual assault. I am now an accomplished grant proposal writer for deaf populations.

After completing my Master's and gaining additional experience, my central long-term goal would be to found, design, and operate my communications and marketing agency geared towards the needs of DeafDisabled people like myself and young people with hearing loss and educational issues. My fondest dream is that of helping to establish new programs in Strategic Communications in universities where they do not yet exist, especially those institutions that are seen as the top programs for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. I look forward to devoting the balance of my professional life to service at the forefront of our movement for more equity, inclusion, and the development of further innovation in the field of Strategic Communications. I thank you for considering my application to Strategic Communication at XXXX University.

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