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Master’s Public Relations & Corporate Communication

Updated: Jan 14

Master’s Public Relations & Corporate Communication Personal Purpose
Master’s Public Relations & Corporate Communication

People are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and what passed as a strong PR strategy even a decade ago may be no longer effective in an age of internet networking and a general distrust of corporate ‘spin.’ It is also fascinating to see that, for all the training and knowledge accumulated by PR professionals, ill-considered remarks by a senior executive or a CEO of large companies continue to be a regular feature of corporate news with often disastrous but avoidable outcomes. PR ‘disasters’ had particularly fascinated me even before I began my bachelor's degree studies in International Business Communication. I believe that careful analysis of them has the potential to teach much to PR professionals and senior executives of all specialties.

Master’s Public Relations & Corporate Communication Personal Purpose Statement
Master’s Public Relations & Corporate Communication

This is an exciting time in PR and Corporate Communications, requiring the adjustment of current techniques and thinking to new situations and researching, designing, and applying methods of getting a message over. I very much want to be involved in this process. I can think of no better way to acquire the education I seek than by joining this program. I am drawn by the teaching methods involved as they do actual corporate projects. I am aware of the prestigious reputation of the faculty members and the quality of the program amongst professionals, as evidenced by the awards given in recognition of its effectiveness. My goal is to acquire the highest available level of skills and knowledge in my chosen field and apply them to the benefit of an international non-profit organization. The relevance of my bachelor's degree studies and my experience in sales, PR/events, and customer relationship management will enable me to share valuable insights in class discussions. I am a friendly person who gets on well with others. I realize that a likable ‘messenger’ adds much to the positive perception of the message itself and believe that I have the characteristics to do so. I enjoy working as a team member towards a common and valuable goal and look forward to working in project teams.

I have spent six months in the US, studying in Georgia and traveling. I am also widely traveled otherwise, having visited Greece, Germany, and Turkey. I also spent several months ‘backpacking’ in India and Thailand and was exposed to diverse cultures, social structures, and the contrasts between rich and poor; this experience fired an interest in working for a charitable organization once I had completed the program. I am interested in acquiring knowledge of new cultures and sharing my understanding.

I look forward to the opportunities that I will find in the multicultural environment of New York. I know that this highly prestigious program will attract many well-qualified applicants. However, I am an exceptional candidate. I have a bachelor's degree in a closely related discipline; I have practical volunteer experience in PR projects and relevant professional experience serving as the public face of an organization. My main recommendation is a passion for becoming an honest and highly effective communicator, assisting organizations in identifying and resolving internal and external communication problems and providing them with a cheerful and supportive voice.

Master’s Public Relations & Corporate Communication


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