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MA Sociology Personal Statement Editing, UK,

Updated: May 14

I have always been passionately interested in society's influence on our actions and the structure of society, as these issues are relevant to everyone in everyday life. I am applying to graduate school in Sociology because I want to explore the structure of society and the role of the individual. For years, I have enjoyed the 'Sociology Review' and other sociological literature, complemented by being an avid fan of global news, conflict, strife, challenges, etc. I have especially enjoyed my participation in key debates between Functionalism and Marxism. It has been a special joy to evaluate, analyze, and debate key sociological issues in the classroom and through our essays.

MA Sociology, Personal Statement Editor

I enjoy traveling and have visited the vastly diverse cultures of Egypt, Crete, Florida, and France. Through this, I have become aware of social injustices in the world. This is why I have decided to join Voluntary Services Oversees for my Gap Year Project. Taking a year out will help me develop on a personal level and enable me to develop my interpersonal and communication skills.

I have work experience at a solicitor's office, where I was found to be 'extremely helpful, adaptable, and a joy have to have in the office'. I enjoy working with children, and I volunteered at a local Primary School for three weeks last year, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I regularly babysit, love helping charities, and next year I will run the Flora London Marathon in Easter 2003.


Another one of my passions is music. I have participated in many musicals and enjoyed the lead role in Fame. I am a grade 8 on the violin, hoping to take a diploma next year. Other activities that fill my free time include reading, particularly modern novels - my favorite authors being Jeanette Winterson and Ian McEwan, due to Winterson's abstract and thought-provoking style, as well as her noble ideals of a world where imagination, freedom, and creativity are vital. Other activities that fill my spare time include a range of sports. I play football for Peterborough United's under-19 team, I regularly play golf to a handicap of three, and I also play hockey for the school team.

Most of all, by studying sociology at university, I hope to gain a more tolerant attitude toward the people around me and understand better the dynamics of society.


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