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Linguistics PHD, Canada, TESOL, TEFL, Experienced Teacher

Updated: May 3

An Iranian man, now fifty-five, I am a licensed teacher in Ontario, Canada, where I have an entire decade of experience, primarily teaching English as a Second Language to native speakers of Persian. Earning my BA in my native Iran in TESOL/TEFL laid the foundation for my teaching career, and I taught in Iran for approximately 20 years before making a new home for myself and our family in the West. When I immigrated to Canada in 1998, I earned my Master´s Degree in TESOL at XXXX University in 2004 and then returned to school to earn my teaching credential the following year.

At XXXX, I focused on a particular second/foreign language curriculum design. Now, I hope to earn a Ph.D. Degree at XXXX University with much the same focus, ESL/EFL curricula development. I look forward to learning from Dr. XXXX, whose work I admire and would feel enormously privileged to have as an academic advisor.

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Linguistics Ph.D., Canada, TESOL, Statement of Purpose

In 2010, we moved to Germany, where I spent two years working towards my Ph.D. in Linguistics under the supervision of Dr. XXXX at the Kathol Ische Universität Eichstatt-Ingolstadt. I was most engaged in my research in Germany, “The Morphological Roots Underpinning Common English Errors among Persian Monolingual English Learners.” Unfortunately, due to a family emergency in Canada, we had to return home to Canada, and I could not finish my doctoral studies in Germany.

To better guide the teachers that I supervise who teach English to children that are native Persian (Farsi) speakers, I seek further advancement in inter-language issues that our students bring to the classroom. Thus, I seek a total immersion experience in the roots of common English errors among speakers of Persian. During my education at the UXX, I would like to investigate the similarities and differences that exist on a conceptual basis between Persian and English. I would also like to explore further both languages' lexical, phonological, and grammatical features.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
Linguistics Ph.D., Canada, TESOL Statement of Purpose

My long-term goal is to continue researching education, especially in second/foreign language learning, and find better ways to teach ESL at my school. Earning my Ph.D. in Linguistics at XXXX University would be the best way for me to realize my career objectives. I now hope to do my doctoral degree studying under the guidance of Dr. XXXX.

Thank you for considering my application to XXXX.


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