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Fellowship Clinical Validation Management, Israeli

Updated: Apr 25

As an Israeli medical doctor also holding an MPH Degree, I serve as a Resident in Internal Medicine at the XXXX Medical Center in Israel, ranked as the 10th best hospital globally. I am writing on behalf of my application for a fellowship position as a Clinical Validation Manager with the XXXX Center for Clinical Data Science in XXXX, XX. Mainly engaged for the last several years in the technological aspects of healthcare, I could not be more excited about the prospect of giving my all to the study of Machine Learning (ML) in particular and the myriad ways that it holds great promise for the medical profession, contributing to our ability to raise standards of healthcare excellence worldwide.

While I enjoy the practice of medicine a great deal, and I look forward to additional training in Public Health and Cardiology, I want to focus my attention for now on learning all that I can about the potential of ML for the advancement of medicine. As I see it, this will enable me to make my maximum contribution to public health and the well-being of global society and my contribution to the advancement of medicine here in Israel. I feel strongly that I would be able to excel in your program if selected for participation, making significant contributions.

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Fellowship in Clinical Validation Management Writing and Editing

Accustomed to working independently with data analysis in an R environment, I have extensive statistical software experience. I served, frequently collaborating with the ARC innovation center in XXXX. I have even been selected to present a commercial application named MD Clone at international conferences (such as HIMSS 2020 in Orlando) as a representative of our team from the XXXX Medical Center. After graduation from the Israeli Naval Academy, I began cultivating my well-established leadership abilities as a naval officer. I served as a chief engineer and executive officer of a Fire Missile Boat with a crew of fifty. Since that time, I have taken advantage of every opportunity to serve as a leader in medicine during and since medical school and throughout my studies toward a master's degree in public health.

I have also distinguished myself concerning research, having published fifty papers, many of which I was the sole author of. Most of my published work has been undertaken and completed with other researchers. This is my style; always been a team player; I have helped lead several dynamic research groups, resulting in my being awarded several research grants. People-oriented, I have long cultivated an excellent facility for connecting with patients and their families. At the same time, I am also most comfortable speaking the language of engineers and statisticians. Hard-working, I cannot imagine doing anything else. I see myself on an endless quest for greater integration and harmony between man and machine since this is where I see humans going in medicine and other areas.

Teaching is also of fundamental importance to my identity and ethic of service. I teach clinical medicine to medical students and supervise research projects. In addition, I tutor foreign students in Israel from the University of Saint George's in London, helping with whatever personal needs they may have; and I tutor high school students from low socio-economic backgrounds as a part of XXXX's "Arrow" project.

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My long-term professional goals include becoming a distinguished academic cardiologist and, at the same time, a leader in the medical, high-tech industry, continuing to see patients and publishing my research. I look forward to distinguishing myself in the fullest possible incorporation of ML into my work, making it a specific focus since I see it as integral to the progress of medicine in the future.

I am the applicant you are seeking for the Fellowship Program in Clinical Validation Management. With my focus, dedication, and proven record of accomplishment of creativity, I hope to be looked upon with favor in your selection process. I could not be more excited about the potential of machine learning applications and the possibility of participating in a program like yours at the forefront of revolutionary developments in incorporating ML into medicine. The opportunity to join in and contribute to research in the application of ML to Clinical Validation Management strikes me as an excellent opportunity for advancement toward more outstanding medical excellence.

Thank you for considering my application to the Fellowship Program at XXXX Center for Clinical Data Science at XXXX.

Fellowship Clinical Validation Management, Israeli


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