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DPA Public Administration Personal Statement Sample

Updated: Jan 16

DPA Public Administration Personal Statement Example
DPA Public Administration Personal Statement Sample

I am a Saudi Arabian man who has recently completed my master's degree in public administration at ____ University. The single-most important thing that I learned at ___U is the way that strategic planning is a process, beginning with a detailed scan of the environment into which one wishes to implement their strategic vision. I am especially engaged with the accompanying processes of strategy and mission evaluation, and the construction of guides that help actors to make appropriate choices in human organization. The Institute of Public Administration of Saudi Arabia is sponsoring my studies through the DPA Degree, and they are encouraging me to develop an intensive focus on strategic planning.

I want very much to continue my studies at the doctoral level at XXXX University because of the excellence and thoroughness of your program as well as the vast cultural resources of your academic community and beyond. I very much look forward to a thorough immersion in the numerous schools of thought that engage with strategic planning, from the early days of the 'design schools' through the emergence of new environmental paradigms and theoretical configurations. Studying these different schools of thought and their respective historical development will enable me to construct my own theoretical and methodological platform. I especially look forward to using my native Saudi Arabia as a model or case study for a doctoral dissertation, leading to lifelong research.

I am confident that in this way I will be best able to serve my society, helping to streamline the integration of Saudi Arabia with the rest of the world, through commerce, diplomacy, etc. I was born in Pueblo, Colorado and spent the first several years growing up in America. By the time that I was enrolled in school, however, we were back in Saudi Arabia. Still, especially since I am an American citizen, my ties to the West and the English language have always been strong and I look forward to many decades of giving my all to research in public administration in the American as well as the Saudi context.

DPA Public Administration Personal Statement Sample
DPA Public Administration Personal Statement Editing Service

I would very much like to continue my studies at the doctoral level in the same area as was my focus in my master's program—strategic planning in public administration. I am very much looking forward to a distinguished career as a university professor, teaching public administration in Saudi Arabia and devoting myself to research and publication concerning the major challenges faced by Saudi society in this area. I am currently employed with the Institute of Public Administration of Saudi Arabia, helping to enhance the capabilities of public sector employees. Earning a DPA from your program would provide me with the optimal foundation for the kinds of complex and multi-disciplinary studies that I hope to undertake in the future. In addition to teaching, I will also be much better prepared for my work advising ministries and public agencies in Saudi Arabia.

For the past two years, I have been teaching courses in communication skills, human relations in the workplace, decision making analysis, loyalty as an administrative concept, span of control as an administrative concept, how to deal with subordinates and superiors as well as the art of effective supervision. This opportunity to engage with the public sector workforce in my country has deepened my knowledge of how administrative systems function are resistant to change. I want to assure you that I keenly look forward to giving my all to your program and I thank you for your attention to my application.

DPA Public Administration Personal Statement Sample


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