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BA Latina Spanish Literature Personal Purpose Sample

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BA Latina Literature Personal
BA Latina Literature Personal Purpose & Sample

I was born and raised in Morelia, Mexico and came to the United States just in time to finish high school here. I am now attending Fullerton Community College and working towards my BA. I hope very much to transfer to UC__ because of the great reputation of your university and the distinguished excellence of your Spanish Literature Department. I am especially interested in doing research in the areas of Spanish as a spoken language by adult learners, the testing of interaction skills in Spanish and the problems of assessing and validating assessment scales for adult learners in paired oral interaction. My long-term goal is to attend graduate school after completing your program and to become a professor, either in a college or at the university level. Another fundamental academic interest that I hope to pursue for many years to come is to travel around the Spanish-speaking world in search of vestiges of dialects of Old Spanish still in use and to learn how this has transpired and why.

BA Latina Literature Personal
BA Latina Literature Personal Statement Examples

I am highly self-motivated, a very quick learner. The greatest contribution that I might be able to make to the academic community would be to help to preserve and better appreciate the language of heritage, contributing to a better understanding of the changes that Spanish has undergone over the generations. Having been raised myself in Mexico, I think that my understanding of all things Mexican and my deep, critical appreciation for Mexican culture and society are among my greatest strengths as a candidate to your program.

 I especially love literature in my native language. Even while still in Mexico, Spanish was always my favorite subject. My mother was always a great inspiration to me because she always read books to me as a child, every day after school, and this helped me to since I was a child my mother always read me books  every day after school, and this helped me to better understand lectures and class material for my Spanish Literature classes. Don Quixote de la Mancha, La Vida de Frida Kahlo, La casa de Mango Street, Erase un hombre, erase una mujer, are among my favorites and I especially appreciate the work of Sandra Cisneros, particularly Caramelo.

BA Latina Literature Personal
BA Latina Literature Personal Purpose Editing Service

 My first teacher of Spanish at my high school, Ms. Lopez was very enthusiastic and friendly if we had questions, she was always available to answer them. Now that I am an adult, I look back at my first Spanish teacher as a role model, and I want very much to become a Spanish teacher like her. Being accepted into your program will provide me with an opportunity to make my dream come true. I want to give my all to my studies and I hope to have the opportunity to excel in this area that I so appreciate.

I look forward to a lengthy career helping students learn about the most important components of Spanish language and literature. Ms. Lopez had a tremendous influence over my career choice since she always encouraged me to help other students with their assignments as I often completed mine before the other students. She also taught me how, when reading a story, to let my imagination run wild and to envision all the events and circumstances in my mind, in fact, living through the novel or short story in my imagination.

 I long to teach students the richness and tradition of the art of the Spanish language.

After completing your program, I hope very much to go to graduate school and earn the Master's degree in Spanish literature. This is because the Spanish language is rooted in my soul, so I want to help other people to appreciate our language. I grew up within the language and my mother continues to remind me to this day that when I say “mama,” I always say it in Spanish. I will always be proud that my first language is Spanish, and I look forward to spending my life participating in and contributing to America’s rich multicultural academic environments.

Teaching my children Spanish someday will also be something that I hope to profit from on a professional level. I believe that this will help me as well to better understand some of the deeper meanings of our culture and traditions. I feel that my Mexican heritage has made me a patient and respectful young woman, and that these are valuable qualities to have and that they will help me to become an excellent teacher.

I am pleased that America is rapidly becoming a bilingual country, English/Spanish. It is critically important for our future that we fully acknowledge the other face of America (the Latino culture). I look forward to teaching Spanish to people from all corners of the globe, just as with English, it is also an international language. It is important for most if not all American children and the children of immigrants to America to learn Spanish and to develop an appreciation for Spanish literature because it is America’s second language and culture.

I have dreamed about becoming a teacher since I was a little girl. The skills that I have acquired so far have helped me to learn a lot of the fundamentals of language and I ask to be admitted to your program so that I might continue to make progress towards my long-term goal of becoming a Spanish teacher.

BA Latina Spanish Literature Personal Purpose & Sample


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