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Social Work & Women's Studies Personal Purpose Statement

Updated: Jan 14

I am a young woman from Tokyo who has lived in Michigan for the last 13 years, after having lived and studied in Japan for four years, with one in Brazil and five in Texas. I am writing this letter on behalf of my application to the MSW/Women's Studies Dual Degree Program at XXXX University. Now twenty-three, I love learning and exploring new things.

Social Work & Womens Studies Personal Purpose Statement Editing
Social Work & Womens Studies Personal Purpose Statement

I graduated from the University of XXXX in April of 2007 with my first dual degree, my B.A. in Psychology in addition to Women's Studies. Being a woman is foremost in my life, and I think women's issues should stand at the center of social work reform and direct how this should transpire along theoretical and political lines that are favorable to women and children. I look forward to becoming ever-more creative in contributing to the debate from a womanist perspective.

Therefore, my first choice for graduate study is XXXX University MSW & MA in Women's Studies Dual Degree Program. I am most passionate about social issues and social work in the context of gender and ethnicity. Our society is oppressive to people that are not white, male, hetero, and rich. I want to spend my life struggling against this oppression as a social work professional who takes it upon herself to care for the weaker members of society who have little power and little voice, inspiring and empowering them to assert their rights and protect and advance their interests. My long-term goal is to someday create my own non-profit organization to empower women from all backgrounds, helping them to feel safe and appreciated, and learn the kinds of modern-day survival skills that can enhance their quality of life and reinforce their inner strength, especially women of color who have historically had less access to economic power than men.

Social Work & Womens Studies Personal Purpose Statement
Social Work & Womens Studies Personal Purpose Statement

I want to become a professional therapist with excellent preparation in the core materials, theories, and methodologies. I have always wanted to belong to an area that embraced women and believed that assisting them in bringing new life into this world would be one of the most satisfying jobs I could be involved with. Although my passion for saving lives and assisting clients has not diminished, it gradually became apparent that I was not suited for a career as a nurse.

While I have tremendous respect and admiration for people who choose to devote their lives as nurses, I realized that working in a hospital setting would be too impersonal for my disposition and gifts. I am convinced that the more in-depth psychological interaction that characterizes the social work experience is a better fit for my personality and individual skills. This is why I transferred from the nursing program after a year and a half of college and ventured into psychology and women's studies. The more educated I became about discrimination, such as sexism, racism, homophobia, etc., the more involved I became in these issues, and the greater my desire to contribute to these areas. At this point, I discovered the Social Work option to harness my abilities to the professional goals of supporting women and serving as an ally in the struggle for progressive social change, therapeutic recovery, and the healing that can result from counseling.

I have been active for the last couple of years with various social organizations that address my concerns in the pursuit of my dream, including SafeHouse, SAPAC, and the XXXX Office. My goal in life is to help others and make this world a better place for future generations. Participating in this struggle is the best way to live and it makes life enormously rewarding. I want to touch the lives of people in need daily. Whether that involves smiling at a stranger on the street or having a deep and intimate conversation with a friend recovering from an abusive relationship, I will always aspire to influence the lives of people around me positively. I want to have the privilege of reaching out to women who are struggling to survive the trauma of a sexual assault. I want to be able to reach out to a man that others have taunted because of his sexual orientation. I want to reach out to children who are underprivileged and starving for love and affection. And because of my education in psychology and women's studies, along with my involvement with numerous organizations throughout the community, I am a strong applicant for your MSW program, mainly because of my vast determination to make my goal a reality. The dual degree program in Social Work and Women's Studies at XXXX University is the best place to prepare myself for reaching my professional goals.

Thank you for considering my application.

Social Work & Womens Studies Personal Purpose Statement


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