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SLPA, Master's in Communication Disorders, Speech Language Pathologist Assistant, Psychology Minor

Updated: Jul 31

The Master’s Degree Program in Communication Disorders at XXXX University is my first choice for graduate school for several reasons, especially the sheer excellence of your program and its location. Since graduating from the University of Texas A&M at Kingsville in December of 2011 with a bachelor's in communication disorders and a minor in Psychology, I have been working professionally in Speech Pathology as an SLPA, serving at a Pediatric Rehab center. I could not be happier with my chosen vocation, mainly because of my cousin Isa, with whom I have spent more than a decade helping overcome communication challenges, meeting with remarkable success, and confirming my calling. Shortly after completing my bachelor's degree, I decided to continue my education and went on to earn a master's degree in special education. After completing my teaching exams and observation hours, however, I realized that it was Speech-Language Pathology where my heart is and that this is the field in which I am most attracted to serving, helping children master the most critical aspect of their lives: communication. Thus, I began working as an SLPA providing therapy services to children with various communication challenges, growing and broadening my understanding of Communication Disorders.

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My cousin Isa, now seventeen, has had over twenty surgeries, including pharyngeal flap surgery to correct Velopharyngeal Insufficiency. She has lived an extraordinary life against all odds, and I have followed with great interest and enthusiasm the way that she has been helped along the way by a well-trained Speech Pathologist. It was not easy for my little cousin and her family, traveling across the country to find someone who could help with her complex syndrome, called 22.11Q deletion. As I helped take care of my little cousin, I got to experience much of the ordeal up close. Finally, we found a speech pathologist in New York, Dr. XXXX, who helped coordinate the treatment for Isa, making a critical difference. This speech pathologist organized a treatment plan that spanned doctors from several parts of the country, and she was also instrumental in training Isa’s current SLP. I was able to interact with Dr. XXXX and watch her in action. More importantly, I am most thankful for the opportunity to observe up close and over time the huge improvement that an exceptionally well-trained Speech Pathologist can make in a child's life and that of her family. As a result of my collective experiences so far, of which Isa and the professionals who have cared for her are a prominent part, I could not be more pleased with my calling in life or dedicated to giving my all in professional life to h people, especially children like Isa, to communicate so as to lead happy and fulfilling lives. I see every task through until its successful completion and am always focused on the job. I look forward to giving all to my studies as a graduate student in your master's program at XXXX.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
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Since childhood, hard work and diligence have been ingrained in my heart; my experience working as an SLPA and seeing my young cousin thrive these past 17 years has strengthened me and prepared me to succeed in your graduate program. Hungry to grow professionally by learning from your distinguished faculty and fellow graduate students, I hope to take full advantage of your program's enormous leadership and vision at XXXX. It would be a massive honor for me to be accepted to and complete your program, becoming part of an extraordinarily successful community of like-minded individuals giving all to SLP. I want to make the same kind of positive impact as the Speech Pathologist who helped Isa, influencing and motivating others to excel in the advancement of Speech Pathology. My vision is clear, and I could not be more highly motivated to serve as a light of hope, putting a sparkle in the eyes of those I help. I thank you for considering my application to SLP at XXXX.

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