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SLP Speech-Language Therapist Personal Purpose

Updated: Apr 15

XXXX University is my first choice among master's programs in Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) for several distinct reasons. XXXX University is like my second home, and I feel strongly that I can thrive best there as a graduate student, performing at my maximum, with the support of family and social networks. I am especially interested in having the opportunity to study under Dr. XXXX, whose work in autism and social interaction I very much admire.

I earned my bachelor's degree in Speech and Hearing Science at XXXX State University in June 2018. It was a special honor for me to be selected for participation in an "accent instruction clinic,” serving as a student clinician and providing direct clinical services in a clinical setting. I worked extensively on accent modification and reduction with ESL students at XXU. I gained valuable clinical e and accumulated clinic hours for ASHA, working with two clients from remarkably diverse backgrounds. I learned a lot about their culture and helped them better accommodate their English for communication purposes in American popular culture.

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I am a very caring and compassionate person. I speak English and use ASL to communicate with autistic children. I grew up with a speech impediment (a lisp) and knew how difficult it could be for a young person to be able to communicate effectively. It is frightful to be embarrassed and unable to speak. I learned many valuable things through my successful struggle to overcome my impediment. I have a particular passion for helping others, especially children. For example, I have been told I have great intuition when working with children with autism. I have been hit, kicked, and seen some insane things, but that has not discouraged me. I love working with Autistic children and learning their unique qualities. I have a strong work ethic and am up for any challenge. Focusing on communication issues is a natural career choice for me.

My ideal job is as a speech-language pathologist working in an early intervention/ school setting, creating lesson plans for students, and catering to their specific needs. I want to work with primarily autistic children and their families and help them be able to communicate better. I love what I do and long only to do it better, assuming more significant levels of responsibility and increasing my contribution. I am a group facilitator for an aphasia support group as a volunteer. Here I meet with individuals and family members who are affected by aphasia. I have been volunteering for this group for two years now, especially enjoying the balance of children at my day job and older folks as a volunteer, rounding out my sense of an incredibly special community.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
SLP Speech-Language Therapist Personal Purpose Statement Examples, Editing Help

I want to be able to change the way that people with communication disorders are seen in the community. I see it as a silent disability. I had a lot of anxiety about speaking, and I now look forward to making this less painful for other children.

I completed an internship with a speech-language pathologist for over a year in an elementary school setting. This is where I learned I had a great passion for working with children. Now, I am a special education instructional assistant for a special education teacher. Many students have low-functioning autism and are non-verbal with a lack of social and emotional reciprocity - sometimes, they are aggressive. I have learned to use many different communication modes to connect with them. I have experience in creating individualized communication boards to help those that need an alternative form of communication—using gestures, talking in short sentences, and using electronic devices. I have learned how important it is to develop a routine for students with autism.

Thank you for considering my application to your Master's SLP Program.

SLP Speech-Language Therapist Personal Purpose


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