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I can think of no career that would be as thoroughly rewarding as giving my professional lifetime to Speech Language Pathology (SLP). Among Master’s Degree programs in SLP, the University of XXXX,, is my first choice for a variety of reasons, primarily for the sheer excellence of your program. I feel strongly that I am a good fit with your curriculum for several reasons in particular, particularly my devotion to children and my passion for thinking globally about SLP and communication issues. As part of my undergraduate education, I took a course on grassroots development which included a three-week visit to Nicaragua. We stayed at a free clinic where I was able to work at the pharmacy and shadow the doctor when he met with patients - both at the clinic and in private homes. I had never before seen such poverty and felt especially proud to engage it, especially since our clinic was the only place providing free or even affordable medication.

My focus will always be on children, who I deeply adore; helping them make progress towards a lifetime of effective communication fills me with the greatest joy that I can possibly imagine. I am fully confident that the intense passion that I have for this work will drive me forward to excellence so that I can make important contributions to the field. Speech/language difficulties in childhood, if not overcome, may present problems for those individuals throughout their lifetimes. This drives me forward and fills me with energy because I desperately want to help these children to overcome these issues, thereby saving them a great deal of misery down the road. Nothing else, as I see it, could be such a sustainable as well as noble investment of my time.

My brother took speech classes at a young age and I witnessed first-hand the very positive impact that these classes had on his self-confidence to express himself. I plan on working at either a school where I can help children with their speech and language issues, or at a pediatric care center providing the same kind of attention. One day, I hope to open my own clinic. For the time being, I will be focused on working wherever I can have the greatest impact on the lives of children with the greatest need, furthering my experience for at least a decade or so after completing your program.

I didn’t grow up knowing that I wanted to be a speech language pathologist, it was something I discovered over time. I entered college without declaring a major; and had no idea what I wanted to do when I graduated. I was always fascinated with language so I started at Bucknell University where I went on to earn a BA in Linguistics with minors in Psychology and Arabic. I am currently enrolled in a Pre-Speech Language Pathology Program at XXXX University. I have worked with infants and young children so far in my career and I could not be happier with my career choice as I love my work in the past and enjoyed the experience immensely. I keenly look forward to returning to the study of language acquisition from new, more advanced perspectives at the University of Maryland.

I have been interested in languages for my entire life, especially after studying Linguistics in college. Foreign languages were my primary interest going into my undergraduate program and I was accepted into the language and cultures residential hall where I had the opportunity to meet people who spoke a variety of languages. I also started taking Arabic courses and found it especially fascinating how I could learn to use sounds that were nonexistent in English. It wasn’t until I took a Linguistics class in my Sophomore year, however, that I discovered that it wasn’t just languages that attracted me about the communication process, but also how the human brain and body can produce so much meaning out of sound. I want to continue to intensely study the psychology of communication both normal and abnormal, with a focus on language but also a recognition that language is only one of several components involved in the communication process that I am studying. My interest in this subject eventually shifted to people who are unable to fully use this ability.

The Boy Scouts of America instilled a sense of service in me. As an Eagle Scout, I planned and managed the creation of projects that endure until today. I stayed involved for years after I earned that honor, in part to help those just starting to make good progress. Our slogan “Do a good turn daily” is still something I try to live my life by.

I am especially thankful for the opportunity to work as a researcher in the XXXX Baby Lab, which not only allowed me to witness first-hand how infants communicate but also strengthened my drive to help children with their language and speech abilities. The majority of my observational experience with SLPs has been with children - all extremely rewarding. Whether it be working with an autistic child who is uncooperative or a child who was recently implanted with a cochlear implant, I profoundly enjoy learning how to recognize and stimulate speech. I also enjoy connecting with difficult personalities. This is why another of my volunteer positions included working with prisoners, taking the time to get to know their working styles and then using what I learned to better inform our interactions, helping me to gain the respect of those with whom I was engaging.

Since I graduated from XXXX University, I have been employed in the area of business management and was promoted to operations manager within six months of being hired. This has paid the bills and given me to opportunity to develop a variety of administrative and communication skills that will help me to excel as an SLP professional.

I thank you for considering my application to Speech Language Pathology at XXXX.

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